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NOMADSofORIGIN Best Holiday Getaways for Couples. nomadsoforigin. nomads of origin

From lazy shores to culturally rich cities, explore our editor’s pick of the top holiday destinations when travelling as a couple

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Roberto Nickson

?? April 2020


Travelling as a couple can be very exciting, whether you are looking for romance, relaxation or adventure. Renting accommodation is a great way to explore destinations abroad and locations close to home, as it is usually a cheaper way of staying somewhere modern and private. From sprawling culturally-renowned cities to ancient sights and exotic shores, these are our editors’ pick of best holiday spots when travelling as a couple.


  1. PARIS is the obvious choice when thinking of a romantic, culturally-indulged trip. Enjoy a city break at one of the most charming destinations on the planet. Renowned as the ‘City of Lights’ this European hot spot seduces lovers with the majestic Eiffel Tower, romantic trips along beautiful architecture, walks along the Seine, some of the world’s greatest art and a taste of unique local cuisine.

  2. GREECE and more specifically the world-famous islands of the Mediterranean country do not disappoint travellers, much less those in search of a romantic atmosphere. Whether you are looking for one of the world’s greatest party scene or you lust for relaxing exploration of picturesque towns and ancient ruins- filled villages. The Greek islands tempt travellers with delicious food and pristine beaches of warm turquoise waters.

  3. MALTA fits both short spontaneous breaks and long romantic holidays. All the festivals and exquisite nightlife here will keep you entertained alongside the rich art scene and the plenty of historic sites across the summer destination. The Mediterranean island of Malta bathes visitors in hours of sunshine warming up the golden beaches with rocky bottom, crystal-clear waters. Here the boutique hotels are actually historic buildings renovated by designers. Boat trips take you across the Blue Lagoon to snorkel and explore some caves.

  4. TENERIFE offers couples romantic sights of secluded beaches, tourist-friendly streets and party towns. Here you can easily find a remote place to get tucked away from crowds or join the busiest party venues. Tenerife has a little something for everyone. From sightseeing to beach days, your opportunities for a great holiday are endless.

  5. CAPE VERDE makes travellers feel like visiting a private island. Fall in love with a barely touch nature. Experience romantic walks around lunar-like landscapes and sandy beaches, where you can dine at sunset. Cape Verde’s capital city of Boa Vista offers hotels with a range of romantic additions of a holiday – from hot tubs to Turkish baths, excellent pools and treatments such as Swedish massages. For best romantic experience, travel to Cape Verde in springtime and early summer when you can spot giant humpback whales cruising the sea.

  6. ROME remains on the bucket list of city breaks for travellers from all over the world. The Italian capital is particularly attractive to couples. Roam around ancient ruins remaining from distant Roman civilisation. Witness one of the seven wonders of the world as the Colosseum appears especially majestic at nightlight. Take a small detour by visiting Vatican City – an inception of a country within another one. Rome’s detailed architecture and stunning fountains ooze with romanticism from every corner of the cobblestone streets.

  7. BARBADOS is the true representation of Caribbean luxury at its finest. Experience the culture of the tropical nation first-hand and get ready for a laid-back, relaxed getaway holiday. Barbados bathes in pristine beaches and modern accommodation where you and your loved one can enjoy a city break and leave all your worries behind the salty aura of this charming Caribbean country.

  8. EASTER ISLAND might not strike you as quite romantic at first, but it’s the perfect alternative for those who wish to escape the crowds of the beach life and tourist destinations. Find yourself at the middle of the Pacific Ocean and explore the world together. Admire the Hanga Roa human figures, carved by the Rapa Nui people, which take you back in time when our planet looked nothing like it does today. Watch the sunset behind the Moai and let the Easter Island humble you. Couples can also have fun learning how to say ‘I love you’ in Rapa Nui: Hanga rahi au kia koe.

  9. KILIMANJARO is far from a destination awaiting the brave adventure enthusiasts. If you travel as a couple, you can tick learning how to climb off your bucket list together. Elevating up Mount Kilimanjaro will strike you with once-in-a-lifetime scenery. Share an awe for nature’s raw beauty as elephant herds on a snow white backdrop will grace your sight – a reward for climbing the highest peak in Africa by each other’s side.

  10. BALI remains one of the most visited destination, especially by lovers. Pool villas and Hanging gardens offer luxurious stay at affordable prices. Ubud is rich in nature, history and art, as monkey sanctuaries await your visit. Bali is one of the most splendid, yet easily accessible Asian country. Here you can bathe in luxury, surrounded by thriving nature and vivid local culture.

NOMADSofORIGIN Best Holiday Getaways for Couples. nomadsoforigin. nomads of origin



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