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Considering the pandemic we have been going in the past year, we can all use a bit of an escape from reality. This is why we dedicated our latest print issue to the art of finding distraction. In the ESCAPISM Issue we combine the efforts of journalists, travel photographers and storytellers, giving you a ticket to a world of travel, to immerse yourself in without having to leave your home.

We interviewed travel photographer Rachel Claire, who reflected upon how we can travel the world in a more sustainable way. Sophia Harding shares her favourite self-care routines and the benefits to using Palm of Feronia’s eco products, while Jenny Melia talked to us about starting up her coral-planting jewellery brand empowering women to ‘wear the ocean’. Our travel guides take you across the Bahamas and the sandy dunes of Little Sahara Recreation Area. Follow us to underwater caves where you can dive sustainably; camp in the African wilderness to learn about the local safari industry impacts; discover some of the best stargazing destinations. We give you tips on fishing in Turkey and insights into abstract tourism. In the ESCAPISM Issue we invite you to get involved in our #STREETSofORIGIN social media challenge.

The ESCAPISM Issue Digital