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NOMADSofORIGIN #05 The Wanderlust Issue .jpg

Our fifth print issue, The WANDERLUST Issue, explores the idea of travelling off-the-beaten-path. We wish to inspire the curious nomads to dive back into the world of sustainable travelling and connect more easily to the present moment. Read our interview with travel photographer Mandy Sham, who explores different destinations through their unique cuisine. Daisy Sophia shares travel recommendations as she brings tropical minimalism to your wardrobe with her online boutique Castaway, while Becs, the owner of the Bali-inspired label of balm wears, talks to us about how she redefines sustainable fashion.

Our travel guides take you across the ancient city of Petra, the fishing villages of Vietnam and the volcanic landscape of Cappadocia. Follow us to Rainbow Mountain where you can trek the colourful slopes sustainably; meet the Big Five among Tanzania's wilderness and discover the gene that urges travellers to wander lesser-known destinations.

The WANDERLUST Issue Digital