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Petra is a city marked by its begging. It is complicatedly  stunning. Discover the Lost City that changed the world forever

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Alex Azabache

01 August 2019

Jordan is a metropolis of monuments, tombs and religious structures and it is a must-see destination. There is so much history to follow decades back to the time when Petra was built. It took a whole 500 years to complete it and today people from all over the world are hypnotised by its charm.

Cliffs, rocks and sand give shape to it. It has a very interesting position, one that makes it unique and marks its discovery. Half-hidden in the southern territory of Jordan, Petra's other name is The Lost City. It is a pseudonym, connected to how the origins of the ancient city. For five centuries Petra was hidden from the rest of the world. Only in 1812 did it get discovered.

The Greeks are responsible for the architecture. They are the ones, who are associated with the building of the Nabataean city from the ground to its top. The Bedouin tribes, who were known to roam around the Arabian Desert, were the original locals. They were the first nation to call Petra their 'homeland'. The tribe lived there for years, forming their cultural believes and establishing their customs. You can still see people from the tribes living in Petra and it is interesting to listen out for the sound of their language as a lot of people speak dialects, which make the language seem even more beautifully complicated.

In Petra you can visit the Cobblestone Water Channels, climb all the 800 steps of the Monastery and finish off by spending the night camping in the desert looking at the starry night-sky.

The city is a pink palette, creating a breath taking scenery. The day the news about its discovery were first brought to Europe in the 19th century was a day that history tenderly began to develop. The atmosphere changes from morning to nightfall. Petra is a place of dusty roads, endless deserts and a lot of untold stories. You can feel its magnetism as soon as you set food in its borders.



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