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When we think of Greece, we think of the colour blue, long summer nights by the sea and the taste of ouzo on your lips. Greece is poetic and known for the legends of the gods and goddesses of the Mount Olympus, for the lessons that those legends teach us and the wisdom of long-forgotten times.


Walking down the streets of the bigger cities and the cosy villages, your gaze is met by charming white house facades. Small orange trees are planted along the sidewalks, their brunches looking delicate, yet strong enough to hold the weight of the fruits they gift. Greece’s history, political and economic situation have gone through many transformations over time and have defined the country as a holiday paradise. From Athens' Acropolis to the territory of the islands nearby, jump in and start exploring all that Greece is and has been in the past.


NOMADSofORIGIN is an independent annual publication with a focus on sustainable travelling and global cultural values. Each issue features interviews, engaging articles and photo guides, which take our nomadic readers through different destinations and introduce them to local people's perspectives.



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