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Ancient towns with a timeless charm, each acre of Italy seems to have stories to tell. In the past Italy was so many things – restless, fearless, inspirational. The country’s history is moving and unique. From iconic food to good times around the coastline, you can find or lose yourself in Italy. Whether you want to be reminded of the times of the Roman Empire whilst exploring what used to be its capital – Rome; you want to enjoy a ballet performance in the place where the dance originated from; or you are looking to spend a week surrounded by the charm of vineyards under the delicate, warm summer sun, Italy will leave you feeling hopeful and in love with life.


NOMADSofORIGIN is an independent annual publication with a focus on sustainable travelling and global cultural values. Each issue features interviews, engaging articles and photo guides, which take our nomadic readers through different destinations and introduce them to local people's perspectives.



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