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From India's Ivory Cities travelling all the way to Egypt's pyramids and Morocco's colourful markets we take you on a tour to chase the warmth of the autumn sun

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Frank Holleman, Tim Van Kempen, Matias Pugliese, Anna Auza, Jessi Pena, Isabella Juskova, Kevin Langlais, Charlie Marusiak, Vesela Vaclavikov, Alba Iglesias, Annie Spratt, Daniel Burka, Aachal Lal

27 October 2019

Are you looking for destinations to get away and celebrate the start of autumn? Look no further! Summer may be over, but another mesmerising season is now upon us. Before you start thinking about decorating your house with pumpkins and starting to work on your mulled wine recipes, why not enjoy the last warm touches of the year?


Our team made a quick list with some of the best destinations you can visit if you are on a mission to chase that autumn sun. From Egypt to Italy, take your pick and follow us to those beautiful lands where the summer seems to last just that bit longer.

Bibi Ka Maqbara Masjid, Aurangabad, Indi


Culturally incredible and architecturally stunning, India is a place on the map that will have you feeling perhaps a bit nostalgic. Almost each place seems to have the charm of an Ivory City that has come out of a fairy-tell about princesses and towers, treasures and ancient traditions. A country that seems to somehow be part of a long-forgotten time, India has a heartbeat of its own and one visit is simply not enough. Go during mid-autumn to experience the magic of this place and soak up the warmth of the South Asian sun.



Well, this one is on our list because the time is never wrong to visit Italy. Apart from the mesmerising architecture, this European pearl is the place to end up if you want to relive those nostalgic summer evenings where you drink tasty wine in a small restaurant by the sea and spend some quality time with your closest friends. Whilst you are there you might even start picking up on the language and become a tour guide for the next time you and a group of your friends decide to schedule a city-break at the Italian fields. To make the summer last longer you can even go for a swim if the weather allows it. Even in autumn we get the summer blues, don't you?



Egypt made the cut because it is one of those places that come to mind when we think about the sun. There is no better place to escape to before you emerge yourself into the autumn season. It gives you the best aspects of an exotic vacation - you can get more familiar with the culture and customs of the locals, plan a trip to the Egyptian pyramids and even go sandboarding if you're feeling a bit adventurous. Besides, by the time you stop by Cairo and them move towards Giza to see Giza Necropolis and Great Sphinx of Giza you will have soaked enough sunlight and be ready to get back home just in time for the fall of autumn leaves.



Chances are when you saw the title of this article Greece possibly crossed your mind. This white-charming country is a preferred place by many and gets especially crowded during the summer period. This is why visiting later in the year is a great strategy to make the most of your stay there. The climate will have you feeling happy and recharged in no time. No matter which part of Greece you would want to see, you won't leave feeling disappointed. The islands are especially beautiful during the off-peak season while the cities offer an opportunity to have fun and explore the country to its core. We recommend Greece if you are after that Mediterranean vibe you want to remember the summertime by.



One of travellers' favourite destinations across Morocco is its formal imperial city - Marrakesh. This place is pure magic and it will stay on your mind long after you leave. From visiting splendid gardens and mosques to roaming around the street markets and buying textiles, spices and pottery, there is a whole different world to be explored in Marrakesh. It is a paradise of its own kind and a great stop for this autumn sun chasing adventure. Morocco is without a doubt one of our personal go to places so make sure to check it out and tell us what you thought about it.



Istanbul is the biggest and one of the most well-known cities in Turkey, but there is so much more to discover beyond it. The nature alone makes it an amazing place to visit because there is just so much to see and do. However, the culture is what makes this destination interesting. As a foreign tourist you will have the opportunity to see a mixture of Asian charm and European presence. Turkey is a very popular destination so you will probably blend in with the crowd no matter what time of the year you decide to visit but we recommend going during the autumn months just because getting away from the cold and ending up exploring Turkey's cultural heritage will feel like such a good guilty pleasure.



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