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Morocco is widely known for the fragrant spices, the lively street markets and the colourful squares and we cannot get enough of it. A beautiful country, it easily captures the attention of visitors. It seems to be a place that looks like it has come out of an ancient fairy tale about a place so different than the rest of the world that it can exist on its own and people would still never get bored of it.

From argan oil to jewellery, pottery, rugs and carpets, you can transfer a fraction of the charm of Morocco at home and have something to remind you of this beautiful land. Being commercialised because of its looks and bohemian feel, Morocco is familiar with travellers who come from everywhere else in the country to get a glimpse of its squares and poetic markets. The locals are perhaps too comfortable with travellers and visiting the most popular places can be a challenge for those who go there for the first time. This essentially becomes part of the experience and one of the many reasons why Morocco is so iconic. A visit there is a pleasure for those seeking to experience euphoria caused by colours, traditional music, iconic crafts and oriental spices.


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