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The WANDERLUST Issue #05
On a quest to explore the world of travel from a different perspective, we embarked on a journey that goes from off-the-beaten path to the most notorious destinations around the globe
Words by: The Editors
 10 August 2022



In the past two years the world of travelling has changed, reshaped and rebirthed. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, global restrictions about how we were allowed to travel took place in every country. We lived through unprecedent times and we came back on the other side stronger, humbler and more grounded about the opportunities we have as wanderers. In the past few years we also witnessed war outbreaks that happened on our doorstep and beyond in the borders of nearby countries. This made our team reflect on the importance of feeling secure and sharing a home with the people you love the most. As 2022 is a year of rebranding, rediscovering and reimagining how we could make a positive impact on our travels, we wanted to take our latest print as an opportunity to take you to some of the places that embody the idea of humbleness, tranquility and curiosity.

The WANDERLUST Issue is dedicated to exploring what it means to roam the world in a time when we were denied to do so for so long. Our adventures took us from the cobbled streets of colourful Cartagena to the dream-like Arabian deserts and the path lesser-known in remote Vietnamese villages. Whilst trekking the Lost City of Petra and seeing the glory of Turkey from a bird-eye point of view whilst experiencing a hot-air baloon ride, we learned to appreciate the culture of others. We were fortunate enough to travel to foreign lands and had the opportunity to advocate for a better and brighter future.

Our fifth print issue goes out to all the wanderers, the wildflowers and those who travel so that they could find a connection to their own homeland in little corners of the world. Here is a break-down of what you can expect to find in the fifth issue of the magazine.

Wanderlust Gene

There are travel lovers and then there are wanderers at heart. The science proved that having 'itchy feet' and a constant urge to pack your bags and head off to a new destination is in some people's DNA - it's called the 'wanderlust gene'. Can predisposition to travel really be genetic?

Behind the Lens

Breathtaking photographers of the perfect shot when a motorcyclist is caught mid-air whilst doing a full flip over a dune on a desert track or a pilot getting ready to land a paraglider in perfect alignment over a wave-free, crystal clear surface of an ocean - we have been left feeling in awe of athletes who chase after that danger thrill. Yet, those stunning shots wouldn't have inspired so many to do the same if it wasn't for the fearless creatives behind the lens. We follow a typical day in the life of extreme sport photographers to see what it's like to be in the middle of the action and what they risk to document athletes doing what they do best on film.


Solo Female Travellers

The future is female and this is especially true for the world of travel. When it comes to adventurers, men might dominate the history books, but we take a moment to celebrate record-breaking female explorers. Planning a trip as a female explorer comes with a set of different rules and we made a list of pro tips for the solo female travellers.

On the Brink of a New World

In this ever-changing world nomads are constantly trying to connect to others, to explore new destinations and to better understand how global conflicts shape the future of different nations and the way they affect the progress and culture of entire communities. The term ‘selective solidarity’ has recently been used by activists, culture advocates and journalists who put an emphasis on the current refugee state the world. To expand on the matter, we explore some of the crucial historical events that took place in recent months.

Getting Off-The-Beaten Path

On a quest to explore the path less-travelled, we went from fishermen hotspots on the bays of Turkey to a sun-soaked oasis in the deserts of Oman and rural villages in the jungles of Brazil. Get a little lost with is as we navigate what it means to have a wanderlust spirit and learn from our pro tips about what the best ways are to explore a new destination like a local.

Desert Nomads

A total of 23 deserts covers almost one-third of the Earth’s surface area. With their predominantly uninhabited arid lands, deserts are some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Deserts hold a great deal of mysticism, serving as a home to some of Earth's most stunning landscapes. Join us on a journey of exploring the unique lifestyle of the courageous nomadic people who have adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert dunes.


Trekking Rainbow Mountain

The Peruvian Andes are home to a picturesque summit made of colourful minerals, which rises at an altitude equal to more than half of Mount Everest. From the ways to reach it to the essential travellers need on the hike and the cost of sustainability in Vinicunca, read our guide to the Rainbow Mountain.


Understanding Others

The world is rapidly becoming more culturally diverse and with that, the importance of gaining better understanding of different cultures grows too. Migration, expat living and the urge to chase nomadic lifestyles have shaped a bold and dynamic mosaic of individuals who communicate through cross-cultural exchanges and so the necessity of recognising multiculturalism is more important than ever before.

Mandy Sham

A nomad by heart and a journalist by calling, Mandy Sham is a multi-talented creative, whose travels across the globe have resulted in stunning photographic archives and poetic diary entries. The soft pastel hues in her photography are an unmistakable signature of her visual style, whilst the newsletter she releases, where she tells stories of how she met locals and explored places off the tourist grid, are beyond inspiring. As a food lover, Mandy's wanderlust has taken her to unique restaurants, local families' tables and street food stands on a quest to explore the gastronomic diversity of each place she visits. Our interview with Mandy is a sneak peek as to what her next adventures are and a tribute to her work.

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

Follow our week-long itinerary to Saudi Arabia designed to help you navigate your travels to the Kingdom and immerse yourself in a dreamlike expedition that has only recently become available to most travellers.


A Journey Back in Time

Jordan and its Lost City of Petra have been charming an increasing number of travellers in the past five decades, but there was a time when the sandy country was the desert’s best-kept secret. This is how to help explore the region sustainably and how the land of the Bedouins transformed from a deserted paradise to a bucket-list destination.

Balm Wears

Creating seasonless pieces that can be combined and re-styled in multiple ways is what makes an ethical brand truly outstanding amid the endless array of corporate labels. Balm Wears does exactly that - the vintage clothing brand creates clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelry that, if taken care of, can last a lifetime. Love and attention to every detail goes into each piece to ensure that their philosophy of slow fashion is reflected in the designs. We caught up with the founder, Becs, to talk about what the future holds for the sustainable brand.

Mui Né: the fishing hotspot in Vietnam

From witnessing the sunrise at the White Sand Dues to tapping into the serenity of Vietnamese fishing harbours and tasting iguana meat, our editors welcome the new day in Mũi Né. Follow us on a journey to paradise.


The Misrepresented Majestic Land of Safaris

From the abundance of majestic wildlife gracing Tanzania’s safari lands to the country’s idyllic beaches, the diverse culture of its semi-nomadic people and the dreamlike landscapes, these parts of Sub-Saharan Africa have the seekers of wanderlust visiting times and times again.

Travel to: Cappadocia, Turkey

Nearly four million ago volcanic eruptions formed the fairy chimneys and tall earth pyramids which compose the surreal architecture in Cappadocia. This is our guide to everything you need to know before riding a hot air balloon over Cappadocia’s picturesque valleys and postcard-worthy volcanic landscape


This exclusive online boutique inspired by the island lifestyle is exactly what you need to browse if you are looking to add a hint of minimalistic chic to your wardrobe. Each collection is created with sustainability in mind to make sure that Castaway is staying committed to giving back to nature. In a conversation with the founder, Daisy Sophia, we talked about the tropical theme of the designs and what are the essentials to pack when you plan a beach getaway. In case you are looking for inspiration, the brand's journal is an online diary of places to visit and the stories of people who are born or feel in love with and moved to the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean.

Castaway x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Castaway x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Castaway x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine




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