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Image by Joshua Fuller


We have gathered some suggestions about the things you can do while wondering around this magnificent island country

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Joshua Fuller, Annie Spratt

01 May 2019

If you head towards Iceland, in case you haven't been there already, there are some spots you should definitely trouble yourself to go to.

We've already made a list of the coolest waterfall spots you can visit, but there is just so much more to see.

From a landscape point of view, the list is pretty much endless. Glaciers and active volcanoes are a common view. The geothermal activity has created some naturally heated water pools such as rivers and even hot tubs. They can be spotted across the country. Nature has really showed its power, playing around Iceland, shaping it with its finest tools. 

If you like water activities, you should stop by Reykjavik, the capital city for some whale watching. You can feel one step closer to the gentle giants and observe them at their natural habitat. Environmentalists give talks about the issues originating from travelling and the importance of preserving the oceans and the marine life safe. 

The Blue Lagoon should be a stop on your list too. We've written about the one in Cyprus as well as the Blue Lagoon in Comino, Malta, but Iceland's personality seems to be projected through this magnetic place.

And speaking of being in the water, visit the infinity pool in Hofsós if you are not afraid of heights. It has a direct view to the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of Skagafjörður. This candid looking pool was designed in 2010 by Basalt Arkitektar to provoke pain and muscle tension relief. It is one of the most visually stunning places with a concept that stimulates relaxation and ever since the construction has been finished, visitors have been queuing up to see this Icelandic spot.

Located between the Eurasian and the American continent lies the Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park. There experienced divers can go and practice their skills. There you can find the world's only geothermal cone, which has a diving purpose. The place however, is not for everybody as the water is freezing - from zero it only goes up to around 4 °C.

Things to explore on foot should include the emblematic United States DC Navy plane, which ran out of fuel and crashed on the Sólheimasandur's black sand beach on 24th November 1973. Since the catastrophic event, this place has transformed into a historic reminder and even a cultural heritage. Driving there is forbidden because of the softness of the black sand so keep that in mind when planning to visit.

Iceland provides a front row view of the Aurora Borealis light show. The spectacular Northern lights dance on the night sky and seem to almost have the power to hypnotise. The curtains of light are a nature show that looks as if you are staring outside of our own world and into the wonders of the universe.

Iceland is nature at its wildest. Visit it to make sure for yourself and tell us about all the hidden spots you found wandering around on your adventures.



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