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The Blue Lagoon, Comino - ORIGIN Magazine

Follow us to Malta's city Comino to end up in one of the most incredible places that Mother Earth has ever created

Words by Emily Georgieva

Photography by Emilio Garcia

29 April 2019

There is a place in Comino, a cove with sand so fine and white, water so cold and clear that once you get there, you would never want to leave. The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by rocks forming a cove. It is a formation of the nature in its finest form. But this kind of beauty doesn't sound appealing just to you.

Summertime is the ideal time in the year to visit, but the great weather conditions have a downside. The lagoon gets very crowded very quickly. The Blue Lagoon is the place to be in the long, hot summer days, but do consider the fact that it is, after all, an open space. There is no shade, nothing to protect you from the heavy rays of the sun. If you decide to pack your bags and head to Comino's blue treasure, pack the essentials - sunscreen and a hat. It is always good to be prepared and important to balance getting tanned with staying protected from the summer sun.

We do recommend getting into the water as it is very refreshing. From the lagoon you can swim all the way to Cominotto. There are also plenty of caves to see and explore. The Blue Lagoon is a small paradise on its own.



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