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We take you on a tour around Singapore to highlight the must-see stops across the country

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: John T

19 June 2019

There is a little something to fit everybody's preferences in Singapore. From land to water and air, we explored the best things to do and see in order to explore the cultural values of the Southeast Asian country.

We are going to start off with something a bit more bizarre. It is not a spot that will appear on every travel blog or platform as a suggestion to visit, but we believe that it is worth the trouble of finding it. If you are ready to uncover some of Singapore's oldest dating folklore and cultural believes, then this place should be your first stop when exploring the country. Haw Par villa is possibly one of the weirdest theme parks that exists in the world. It has over 1 000 statues and weird sculptures, each one expressing Singapore's individualism differently. Some of the sculptures are complex and require you to spend some time observing them before you understand what they mean. The one-of-a-kind art hold special kind of place for the cultural significance of the Singapore nation. Chinese ancient folklore is strongly represented in the theme park.

Gardens by the Bay obviously made the list, although we've written about the man-made ecosystem before. It is a spectacular place to visit during daytime and watch the light show at night. It runs twice, and each show lasts about 15 minutes so make sure to head there a bit early to get the coolest front row spots.

Water is a source of life and in Singapore, the country where life is constantly being recreated, water means so much. You can see that when you walk around the botanical gardens, visit the waterfall spots or spend some time watching the singing fountains. You should definitely visit the Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool, build on top of the Marina Bay Sands. It is iconic in its existence and it has been made with the purpose to amaze. The concept is not entirely unique, because such pools exist in other places like Iceland and Australia, but this one is positioned on the world's largest rooftop, 57 stories above solid ground. The rooftop itself is called KuDeTa and it is one of the most iconic spots in the world. Relax under the shades of the palm trees by the pool or if you go there at night make sure to check out the bar.

Most people head to the Infinity Pool, but if you want to be a bit different, think about seeing things from the opposite perspective. After finishing your swim, why not head to the One Altitude Rooftop bar? It has a view of the Marina Bay and a drink is included in the price of the entrance fee.

For the lovers of flowers and grace, there is the National Orchid Garden. Once you get inside, you will be exposed to a kingdom of sweet scents. There are so many different types of orchids, more than you can remember, or even count. Visiting the Orchid Garden is a visual pleasure, one that pleases pretty much all your senses.

If you like being up high and seeing the world in perspective, we know the place just for you. Go for a ride on the Asia's largest Ferris wheel. This is the best way to see Singapore from up high - 165 meters to be exact. On a good day, when the weather allows it, you can see all the way to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Chinatown is a must-see as well. Make sure to make a stop at the Buddha's Tooth Relic temple. From mid-September to mid-October, Chinatown in Singapore organises an incredible Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a celebration of the local's culture and traditions that they have passed on through generations. Get yourself involved because the feeling you get when standing in the middle of the celebrations is hard to be put into words.

From an architectural point of view, away from the centre of big cities and what Singapore is mostly known for, there is the Joo Chiat neighbourhood. There are so many special characteristics to this place. It has a great historical significance. Architects and artist have joined forces to create something together and today the Peranakan houses stand proud with their colourful facades along the cozy streets.

The ArtScience Museum combines light with sculptures. Inside you can see works of art, culture and technology. It is incredible to see a building, where the past, the present and future blend together and co-exist. Our final stop is the Universal Studios in Sentosa Island. It doesn't really need much description; its reputation precedes it. Pack your bags and head to Singapore because there is so much to explore, so many things to see and experience. It is a place that will have you craving to come back for more before you've  even left.



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