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Gardens by th Bay - ORIGIN Magazine

A man-made connection to nature in an urbanised fast-developing country

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Yuiizaa September

24 July 2019

Made of 101 hectare of bio-domes, Gardens by the Bay is a unique place. People from all over the world visit Singapore, hungry to see this eco construction. This high-tech, cutting-edge botanical madness stands tall as one of the most significant symbols of the country.

From the OCBC Skyway you will be standing high above the ground, overlooking the gardens, the sea and the South China Sea. The Skyway also connects the two well-known super trees. This makes it easy to walk from one to the other and take the whole view in.


Some of the best things about this magnificent place would probably be the waterfalls. We speak so highly of them as we couldn't take our eyes off them. The dry Mediterranean climate can be felt when walking around the construction. 

From the natural wonders to the ethnic characteristics, Gardens by the Bay holds some of the nation of Singapore's ideologies.  Malay, Indian and Chinese are the main ethnic groups in the island country, and they are strongly represented within this spectacular place. While walking inside it, you can sense their cultural values.

The sculpture, named 'Planet' is a 7-ton construction that floats above land. It is designed by the British sculptor Mark Quinn and it is almost like a bridge back to the history of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay is a forward-thinking innovation, combining so much culture and individuality. It is a representation that people can appreciate and respect nature in attempts to preserve and recreate it; it is where diverse culture can exist and develop in a single place. Perhaps this is why located in the heart of a fast-changing, high-tech island country, Garden by the Bay reflects humanity's attempt to appreciate what we were given in the first place and honour it in a unique way.



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