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Follow us on a journey to Jordan to discover the wonders, hidden in the soil of this beautiful land

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Andrea Leopardi

20 December 2019

Despite the historical changes that have happened over time, Jordan is still very much shaped by traditions that have been valued from ancient times. Today the country hosts refugees, who have made their way to its borders all the way from Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Situated around a lot of political conflicts, Jordan manages to remain different. It is a safe place to be at. In fact, it is one of the safest countries in the Middle East.

The Arab country has been influenced by Romans, Muslims, tradesmen Nabataean and Crusaders. They have passes through the land, leaving parts of their cultures and ambitions upon the land.

Jordan is on its way to urbanisation and establishing a stronger connection to the modern world, which is why appreciating it in the present and preserving the values that are celebrated in the land is from a crucial importance.

The country is very vivid. You can experience climbing sand dunes or walk across the red sands of the Wadi Rum Desert. The Dead Sea is an impressive stop and Petra has so many stories to tell. You can taste the local delicacies starting from the creamy hummus and combining it with the potatoes and freshly picked vegetables. It is the best way to have a taste of Jordan's land and see what the earth births. 

The massive rocks under the shade of the sun make Jordan look peaceful yet challenging. The country transforms completely at nightfall. It is particularly beautiful when the sun sets down, showering the rocks and the dunes of the desert in warm, pastel colours. 

Drive through the iconic King's Highway and blend in with the caramel-coloured caravans going up and down the roads... or go for a swim in the Red Sea. From Crusader castles to the old monuments and the Roman amphitheatres across the country, Jordan is a strong land of long-lasted traditions and diverse cultural values.



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