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Follow the ethos of slow travel as we journey from the sun-kissed African savannahs to the picturesque river walks in Paris and the pristine azure beaches of Croatia
Words by: The Editors
 20 June 


The TRAILBLAZERS Issue is dedicated to living in the moment and taking the slow approach to travelling. Connecting to new cultures and destinations can feel overwhelming so it is important to take time to appreciate the little things so we can truly open ourselves to the beauty that the world has to offer. We embarked on journeys across the globe from the sun-kissed African savannahs to the picturesque hidden aquamarine beaches in Croatia and the romantic riverside bridges in Paris. We spoke to some incredible creatives whose passion to draw inspiration from the places and cultures that shaped them into the artists they are changes the barriers of what it means to be a trailblazer.

Our sixth print issue goes out to all good trouble makers, adventure seekers and trailblazers - your restless adventurous spirits is what keeps this magazine going. Here is a break-down of what you can expect to find in the sixth issue of the publication.

The Red Sea Fishing Gateway

Dusty landscapes, cinematic cities and timeless temple sites - Egypt is a land of so much mystery and magic. Millennia-old monuments, tales of powerful pharaohs and a vision of the Nile River come to mind as soon as Egypt is mentioned, but the essence of the country goes deeper than what travellers are often exposed to. Explore an alternative side of Egypt which pays a tribute to the country's ancestors' past by putting fishing practices at the heart of how the locals connect with nature and honour its gifts. 


Living on Island Time

Explore the island of Croatia, soak up the sunshine by the bays that guard the hidden beaches in Dubrovnik and fall in love with the slow rhythm of the nightlife in palm tree covered Hvar. Follow us as we navigate a five day stay in this beautiful getaway dream destination.

Wildlife Trade

Global travelling is a growing aspect of tourism and with more access to remote destinations, as well as tourist hotspots, it becomes our responsibility to take care in travelling ethically and remaining mindful when shopping for souvenirs to bring home from our holidays. From animal skins to hummingbird charms, read how you can avoid wildlife trade and help endangered animal species.

Julia Steinle

Julia fell in love with gliding at the age of 14 when she was first introduced to sport. To this day she keeps evolving at capturing stunning photographs while gracing the skies with style and sharing her experiences with her followers. From collecting memories of the incredible views over the Apls and South Africa to sharing insights of her life around gliders and planes, Julia combines her love for flying with her passion for photography in the most awe-inspiring way. 


Natalie Obradovich

Natalie's photography has a postcard-worthy feel of endless summer vacations. To see the world through her camera lens is to dip in the warm waters of European beaches, to spend the day relaxing by the rainbow sun umbrellas that cool down Capri's coastline and to allow yourself to enjoy the moment for all its freeing, glamorous joy that only summer can bring. Read our exclusive interview with the photographer.

The Unethical Side of Avocados

The avocado conflict of recent years created major issues regarding the livelihood of farmers and threatened the environmental health in areas around the world. We explore the unethical side of avocado consumption and seek out ways to become part of the solution to this global crisis.

Five of the Best Mountain Tops to Climb

If you are among the enthusiasts who dream of summiting the tallest peak in the world, you might be interested in Mount Everest’s controversy and the hiking alternatives. Join us in exploring five epic locations, which give thrill seekers that top-of-the-world feeling.


The Getaway Trip to Paris

Want to explore the iconic parts of Paris on a tight schedule? Follow our itinerary through the most famous locations scattered around the city - from the world-renowned Louvre to the glamorous Tour Eiffel, this is the best route for the ultimate weekend getaway to the French capital.

Being "That Girl" in 2023

In the era of social media influencers and successful entrepreneurs, we explore how to trailblaze a path that is true to your own talents and passions.


Analog Travel Memorabilia

Modern-day travelling has changed the way we capture moments we spend away from home and want to treasure forever. Social media has made it so easy to keep digital diaries of our travel experiences, but we explore what we can gain from going back to basics. Is ditching the digital for the analog alternative the new nomadic travellers' way of rebellion?

MATIA Beachwear

Elegant, timeless and authentic the garments by Matia Beachwear are created for the modern-day traveller, who is often on the go and likes to pack light. The Germany-based label works with manufacturers in Italy and tailors in Portugal to create seamless pieces that embody the idea of a carefree summer. Pack the swims for a last-minute sunkissed getaway, a long-weekend Asian remote work/beach vacation or a summer-long stay along the azure coasts of breathtaking European beaches. Wherever you are headed, the pieces by Matia Beachwear are our favourite swimsuit essentials this summer season.

Matia Beachwear x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Matia Beachwear x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Matia Beachwear x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine




NOMADSofORIGIN is an independent annual publication with a focus on sustainable travelling and global cultural values. Each issue features interviews, engaging articles and photo guides, which take our nomadic readers through different destinations and introduce them to local people's perspectives.



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