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Experience one of the most magical cities on Earth during the most cheerful period of the year

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

09 January 2019

With its Christmas markets scattered at the centre of the city, where historical buildings, galleries, libraries and museums are just a street cross away, Vienna is one of the best choices for holiday travel. Sparkling with soft lights and stunning the visitors with the quality ice-skating rings, this destination can offer you the full winter holiday experience. Every street and alley are decked out with decorations to get you in the jolly mood. People walk with cosy coats taking sips of glühwein. The winter markets offer a rich choice of hand-crafted decorations, traditional food samples, candy and hot drinks. The Imperial architecture will make you hold your breath as the soft snow capes the roofs of the castle-like buildings. The Austrian capital, preserved so much of the history of the city, is as magical as a place can get. And while the hot summer weather welcomes explorers to dive into every corner of the city, NOMADSofORIGIN recommends you visit Vienna at winter.

Home and inspiration to some of the world's greatest musicians, Vienna is a great choice for the lovers of travelling and art. Since all of the stunning historical buildings, architectural ensembles, Christmas markets and cultural events are very closely located to one another, you can get a varied and fulfilling Viennese experience out of the inner city alone. In 1683 the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire developed from early Celtic and Roman settlements into the Baroque city it is today. Vienna is the home to incredibly cultured buildings including the Hofburg Palace, the 14th century St Stephen’s Cathedral, Michaelerkirche, the churches of Maria am Gestade, Minoritenkirche and a variety of 19th century Baroque castles such as the Ringstrasse, which is famous for its grand parks and monuments. At the end of the day visitors can also enjoy any of the cultural events the city is known for, from opera performances to grand concerts in some of the grand Viennese music halls.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Vienna remains the city's incredible ability to preserve its imperial past while combining it with the forward-thinking ideas and contemporary times. Evidence for the harmony between old and new is the skyline of the city, which varies from the Prater public park and Baroque castles to the modern buildings, developed by internationally renowned architects to look like wood or glass artefacts from outer space. Same-sex couples traffic lights and the famous Karlsplatz metro station, turned into an underground bar are all signs of the progressive nature of this ever-evolving city. Contemporary artists, designers and musicians all seek inspiration from the city's historical past that can still be witnessed through museums and street architecture.


Vienna is varied and beautiful filled with art, history and significant architecture. The locals know what is good when they see it, but if you are staying in the country for longer, you might like to explore the areas around the capital city as well. For the lovers of ski resorts or the relaxation getaway seekers, Austrian cities like Kitzbuhel or Salzburg are only a couple of hours away by car or train and a nearby location to the magic of the capital.

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