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Josh Wither

Take a trip around the cities of Ukraine to learn about treasures that this huge land holds hidden beneath its surface

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Josh Withers

25 April 2019

Ukraine is Europe's biggest country, excluding Russia, as it is only partly belonging to Europe. It is a place very rich in traditions where people and family are put first. From the beaches of Odessa to the Carpathians, Ukraine is a map of unforgettable experiences.

Coffee is everywhere, you can smell it on the streets, in the shops and around the corners. Like other European hot spots, Ukraine has developed a coffee culture that just keeps expanding. People will take you with open arm and will most likely cook for you if you manage to become friends. Locals love cooking and experimenting with a palette of different flavours, challenging traditional recopies that have been passed on through generations with modern twist, coming from the innovative cuisines of the south and west. If you ever try any traditional alcohol, make sure it's vodka, as Ukraine knows how to mix this spirit and give it a whole lot of flavouring. We are talking honey, linden and even wheat.

In Ukraine, you can practice water sports in the Black Sea or cycle along the Danube Delta. The temperatures drop drastically at night time and winters get quite cold, but summertime is a good fun.

History has left its imprint on the smaller towns and the villages where babushkas make home-cooked meals for their grandchildren and let them play in the backyards in their gardens. Wandering around and discovering what Ukraine holds as its secrets is the best part of your adventure in the European country.

Visiting can be a bit of a challenge for those, who do not speak the language or have a native speaker as a tour guide, but it can be so much fun. Navigating through the cities and making your way around the quiet villages is a precious way to get in touch with the cultural heritage of the country. Sometimes getting lost is the only way to find great thing that might just be waiting for you.



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