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The Carpathians - ORIGIN Magazine

Follow us to this mountain range that seems to run on forever

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Kuldar Kalvik

06 September 2019

The southwest corner of Ukraine, the Carpathian arch is a home of flowing rivers, hills that look like they can be homes of the gods and rocks to complete the view. The flatness of the terrain at the bottom is unknown to this magnetic place.

The Carpathians hold in their arms Ukraine's highest peak - Mount Hoverla, a 2 061-meter beast. The mountain chain hosts many roadside chapels and sky resorts, taking the most of its cultural and location advantages. It is the land of the Hutsuls folk culture, typical for the smaller villages that wear a scent of the mountains.

The Carpathians run from the Dunabe Gab near Bratislava to Orsova, Romania. The chain of mountains is geologically young and forms the continuation of the Alps. A specific significance for the mountain range are the limestone rocks, which can be found forming some parts of the Alps. The two mountain ranges are often compared and described along each other.

It is interesting to know that the highest peaks are affected by the glaciations from the Ice Age. They have mostly developed during the Cenozoic Era are form how we see the Carpathians looking today - glorious, impressive and strong, protecting over the rest of Ukraine.



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