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Learn about the traditional architecture scene, variety of cultural events, fine brews and mixture of art in one of the most beloved capital cities in Europe

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Cristopher Taelynn

25 July 2019

Ever since the Velvet Revolution and the 1989 fall of communism, the Czech Republic turned into one of the most beloved European destinations to visit, especially its capital. The city of Prague fascinates with architecture and history. The Charles Bridge build in the 14th century is unbelievably well preserved. In high season during the summer period, it may seem like half of the world gathers across the Valta River to witness this bridge between two of the most historic Prague neighbourhoods.  The St Vitus Cathedral overlooks the Czech capital, surrounded with fortress ruins and nearly intact castles build in medieval Gothic style that can easily make you feel as if you've travelled 500 years back in history.

Annual cultural events like the Prague Spring, where classic music sounds from historic buildings, theatres and even churches across the Czech Republic's capital city, gather so much European and international interest, tickets get sold by the end of the preceding year. Prague has turned into a city as culturally rich and fascinated for travellers, as are global metropolitan destinations such as Rome, London and Paris. With its urban centre life, lazy river side, one of the tastiest beer offerings in Europe and a diverse food scene, Prague has inspired many and won itself the description of one of the classic destinations on anyone's bucket list.

Everyone knows that if there are things Czechs know how to make, their art in crafting beer would topmost of the world's finest brews. While most of us are familiar with the internationally spread names including Staropramen and Budvar, regional Czech beers may have surpassed the famous ones. The local interest in traditional brewing and microbreweries has been sparked again and if you ever visit, keep an eye out for names like Únětice and Primátor.

If you ever wish to escape the tourist crowds, all it takes is a step away from the Old Town Square of Prague. The narrow alleys will take you to a world full of old-fashioned restaurants and bars, vintage cafes, hidden gardens and tiny ancient chapels, which reveal an atmosphere so unique and far from the fast-paced life in big cities. From the urban aspects to the traditional views, Prague has a bit of it all. Escape to the beautifully gardened courtyards nearby or witness the sun rising above the cathedral domes scattered across the city.

Prague offers a varied artistic scene. You can witness Baroque techniques in most building facades that were given a Gothic finish. The Czech capital's architecture stands out and in the mind of all the visitors. From the Convent of St Agnes to the Veletržní Palác, the art collections found within the city represent some of the finest work of 20th century cubists and surrealists. The public scenery is vivid with elegance and culture that would make your head spin and would be worth your while.



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