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Amidst the heart of Europe ancient traditions and architecture live and thrive to this day

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Igor Chyzhov

26 September 2019

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic carries a unique atmosphere through its vintage cafes, charming alleys and the many galleries that build up the emerging art scene. The country is famous for its long and complicated history, vivid with dynasties conquests, triumphant tribes and armies. A lot still stands to remind locals and tourists of those long-gone times.

The Czech Republic is a place like no other on the planet. Filled with romantic palaces and castles, standing tall above nearly every town in the country. While some may appear more like ruins, other fortresses are still well preserved and peacefully inspiring anyone who lays eyes on them. On the outside the majority of the mansions' architecture appears in Gothic style mixed with Baroque-themed elements, while behind the walls of the ruins are hidden pieces of some of the finest furniture created by mostly talented European artisans.

It is towns like those that show the true spirit of the country. A great example would be Český Krumlov, located in the south at the Bohemian county. Surrounded by woods and fields, the town is so small, you can cover its end-to-end walking distance in less than half an hour. The tourist crowds will be less while the relaxing spots near the Vltava River and the lively bars around the streets will be plenty. The Renaissance castles that look magical when the winter show covers the facades ​contribute to an atmosphere so unique and sacred, Český Krumlov has even been featured on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

As open-minded and innovative the Czech nation may be, the legacy of the ancient cultural values and traditions thrive among the local people to this day. The summer festival season celebrated across the Bohemia and Moravia counties of the Republic, unveil much from the folk culture of the past. Communities form across the country gather to play music, drink great wine, sing and dance altogether in the spirit of their ancient cultural norms, keeping the history and traditions alive.



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