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Explore the Southeast Asian country as we walk through its past to reach its fast-paced future

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Danist 

10 November 2019

Founded in 1819 as a British trading colony, today Singapore is a place, where light and colour dominate. Located on the southernmost tip of Asia, Singapore is the only island city-state.

The climate is very hot and dry. Often the temperatures will reach to over 30 °C, but there is a rainy season as well, often taking place between November and January. If you are indoors, you will probably be chilly, as there is a system of air conditioning running in the bigger towns and most of the buildings in the cities. 

The demographics are an interesting aspect as they are heavily influenced by the past. Malay, Tamil, English and Mandarin are the most commonly spoken languages within the territory of Singapore. Locals live a high-paced life. There is a very fast and reliable transport system. You can get anywhere and everywhere within the country within minutes.

Singapore is one-of-a-kind. It has 62 surrounded islands in total. From the streets of Little India to the Haji Lane, green is all around. It can be seen everywhere as a symbol of the country and what they are trying to leave as their mark in the world. The solar powered vertical gardens are one of the examples about how the government and local organisations are pushing the limits of building a tech-innovative society, striving to live in peace with nature. 

Singapore are known for their love of fine dining. They are experts when it comes to food and believe in the power of presentation, as we first taste food with our eyes, based on the way it looks. The Southeast Asian chefs settles down with nothing but perfection in their constant search for achieving innovation, combined with elegance and visual perfection. 

Coffee culture is another almost trademark of Singapore. There are numerous coffee houses that can be found on the streets and squares and each one of them has its own individuality, contributing to the country's hipster side. Singapore is also known to be very fashionable, but for the people who don't visit very often and want to take something traditional back home with them, looking at the Persian carpets sold at the markets might be an interesting way to spend an afternoon of two.

Each neighbourhood offers something special and traditional in its own variety. Starting from the Marina Bay and walking to the temples of Chinatown, there are dozens of wonders to explore. Garden skyscrapers take over the urban greyness that was once surrounding the cities' streets. Singapore believes in the concept of sustainable living and building a 'City in a Garden' kind of constructions and infrastructure. It is the land of glorious birds and jungle exoticism. Singapore takes the idea of sustainable living very seriously. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are listed by UNESCO as 'Singapore's lungs' and are considered a world's heritage. 

Eastern exoticism and modernity combined with curiosity and constant hunger for creating innovations - this is Singapore in a sentence. If you want some suggestions about what you can do in Singapore and what are the best spots to visit, head to our Destination page for more interesting reads.



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