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One of the three surviving city-states in the world, Singapore is a blend of traditions, tastes and sights. A multi-cultured place, the country is a preferred destination by many solo and group travellers, who decide to spend a few months travelling the world. The food is a blend of Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese flavours, seeming to be able to capture the world in a single plate.

Singapore is known as the ‘Green City’ because of the cleanliness maintained in the borders of the country and the efficient structure of the open spaces and the roads. Maintaining a bio-conscious lifestyle is of an incredible importance for the locals and has become a symbol of the country.

The Marina Bay Sands completely reformed Singapore’s skyline in the past ten years, while Gardens by the Bay are a stop on every traveller’s bucket list. If you are a lover of the sun and summer and are interested in learning more about a place like no other, then Singapore is the ideal country for you to visit.


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