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A lot can be said about Italy, but we decided to show you the country visually instead. This is our photo guide dedicated to exploring Italy

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Simone Savoldi, Laura Benavent,Christopher Czem, Alex Suprun, Marlene Prusik, Branden Collum, Stuart Bloodworth, Ilnur Kalimullin, Kyle Arcila

27 February 2019

Italy is known for so many things. It has been celebrated for its charm and history in movies, books and songs. Artists, directors, writers, painters - many have been inspired by this magnificent place. From the ruins left standing from long-forgotten times, to the artists on the streets and the impressive cathedrals, Italy has many faces. The markets, such as the ones in Padova, offer fresh fruit and vegetables so that people can experience the taste of Italy. There have been more wishes made upon the Trevi Fountain that there are love locks still standing on Le Point des Arts in Paris.

In this section of our photo journal, we take you to Italy to show you the country in a way we remember it after visiting. It stayed in our memories as the white place of ruins, stone walls and hidden streets. This is Italy through the lens of our contributing photographers.



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