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Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

The ECSAPISM Issue #04

From interviews with travel photographers to tips on the best places to dive sustainably, we take you through what you can expect to find when you flip the pages of our latest print issue.

Words by: The Editors

12 March 2021

Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine


This past year has been incredibly challenging for all of us. We lived through unprecedent times when the global pandemic required us to adapt to a lifestyle we never would have had to embrace in different circumstances. The self isolation made our team crave travelling more than ever before and from our urge to connect to our nomadic community, we wanted to bring the feel of travelling to your doorstep. We dedicated our fourth print issue to the topic of escapism. When our readers hold the magazine in their hands and flip through its pages, they can gather inspiration of how to sustainably escape in the world of adventure once travelling is safe again.

The Escapism Issue is dedicated to adventure seeking and roaming the world from a more grounded point of view. We go back to the roots of abstract tourism and under-the-radar travelling to discover how we can identify as escapists and to learn how we can become better ethical travellers. Our team believes that adventure lovers should never take an opportunity to connect to a different culture or a destination for granted. Through our forth print issue we pay a tribute to traveling as escapists, preserving a sense of creativity in stillness and acknowledging the beauty of tapping into the world of different cultures.

In The ESCAPISM Issue, we collaborate with journalists, photographers and storytellers to bring you one step closer to the wonderful experience of roaming the destinations in a curious, sustainable and adventurous way.

Abstract Escapism

The search for adventure travel is on the rise and we fully embrace it. From destinations where you will be surrounded by shooting geysers to lava lakes, we travel to the most inhospitable places on the planet. Get ready to explore Earth's dramatic landscape like you have never seen it before.

Palm of Feronia

In this exclusive interview,Sophia Harding, founder of one of the cleanest skincare brands on the market right now, shares her favourite self-care routines and the benefits to using Palm of Feronia’s eco products. The brand is dedicated to exploring nature-inspired ways of taking care of ourselves as they incorporate earth-derived ingredients in their products. Their slogan, "Natural Skincare for the Soul" perfectly sums up what the brand stands for.

Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Call of the Wild
Waking up to the sound of exotic birds flying nearby and the roar of lions embarking on their hunt in the distance - a safari trip is a great preposition to get to know a place as complex as Africa, but is it truly the best way to connect to the land and the wildlife? We taka a look at how the boom of the safari industry influences problems such as animal poaching as we take you to the borders of Botswana, Kenya and Namibia to learn what we can do as travellers to help resolve some of these countries' most pressing safari issues.



Bangkok: City of Contrasts

From street food stalls that master a single dish for decades to Michelin star fine dining, follow us on a gastronomic trip to Bangkok. The modern city is world-renowned for the traditional local cuisine and the unique way of preparing dishes be it at a restaurant or in a tiny food vendour. We explore the best dishes that will make any foodie include Thailand's capital city at the top of their travel list.

Underwater Escapism

Did anyone say underwater caves - count us in! We are all about exploring diving from a sustainable perspective. Modern day travellers are always on the lookout for the next cool destination to explore the ocean floor. The world of travelling never stops evolving and we decided to dive into a more abstract side of it. Underwater escapism calls out the bravest and most adventurous of travellers. Read our tips and suggestions on the best places to dive sustainably.

Leilani Shells

Have you ever wondered how you can change your shopping habits to give a little back to nature? You can start by turning to brands that are dedicated to helping fight climate change and restoring ecosystems. Leilani Shells is a brand like that. The team partners with marine preservation organisations to plant a coral for each purchased handmade jewellery. Founder, Jenny Melia, speaks to our editor-in-chief about provoking change towards sustainability, growing up in Hawaii and empowering women to ‘wear the ocean’.


Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Leilani Shells for NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Travel to: Pig Island, Bahamas

Azure waters, pristine beaches and swimming with Exuma pigs. We take you to this incredible island located on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas. It is a renowned tropical place that gets its charm from the postcard-worthy appeal. The fact that the island is uninhabitable, except for the cute pigs that roam the beaches and the distinctive iguanas that leave tail traces in the sands, make the place a must-visit destinations for the seekers of intriguing holidays.

An Open Letter to our Nomadic Community

We feel it is important to acknowledge what we have been through as a consequence of the global pandemic and to provide our readers with some inspiration on how to deal with the social restrictions in creative ways. The imposed self isolation restrictions and the closing of borders were necessary measures, yet they had a distinctive impact on the travelling industry and on our nomadic community. Our editors take a minute to connect with readers, acknowledge the combined efforts of getting to the other side of the pandemic as more empathetic people and building a better society with a future where ethical travelling is the escapist's norm.


Travel to: Little Sahara Recreation Area 
Little Sahara Recreation Area is the place to be, if you want to rent an ATV and explore the challenging sand dune terrain. The sorbet-coloured landscape will make you feel like the area belongs to a different world. Formed 11,000 years ago, the area is now a state park that nomads love to visit when planning a trip to Utah. We take our readers to the recreation area to showcase an alternative side of visiting the state. 


How to become a more ethical traveller
As modern-day travellers, we have a responsibility to embark on adventures in a conscious manner. This doesn't have to be intimidating. Although it sounds like a huge responsibility, there are plenty little things you can include in your travel lifestyle to make sure your are being mindful of the local people and the culture of the destinations you visit. From exploring the lesser-known areas of a destination to shopping from smaller markets and sustainable business, and making sure you steer clear of tourists activities that exploit animals, read our tips that you can easily incorporate in your travel philosophy.


Rachel Claire

Introducing our exclusive interview with the woman behind the lens of @fieldnotes__. We caught up with Rachel Claire to discuss her photography style, how she stays inspired to create and what advice she has for the modern generation of sustainable travellers. She shared with us who are the creatives that inspire her and how the global pandemic made her reflect on her travel ideologies.

Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Inside The ESCAPISM Issue l  NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Can There be a No-Fly Future

The boom of tourism required the airline industry to take it up a notch, but have you ever considered what this means for our planet? The emissions that planes leave in the atmosphere from a single flight can shock you. We wanted to take this opportunity and explore the possibility of a no-fly future where we travel in an eco-conscious way that doesn't harm the environment as much as the transport industry does at the moment. The future might be brighter. In the meantime we give you suggestions on what you can do to contribute to leaving a greener footprint. 

Sun, Seasalt and Serenity

In our travel guide we head to Turkey to see first-hand how the locals manage to escape the repetitiveness of an every-day routine. From area recommendations to details on fishing season and bans, this is our ultimate guide to a fishing holiday in Turkey. Come along to one of the best places in the world for fishing some of the tastiest catch.

Astronomy Meets Travelling

You can't go wrong by planning a night spent under the night sky. The sound of a place falling asleep, the calming feel of a young night and the darkness that comfortably falls like a curtain to let the moon and the stars show off their shine - this is nature at its finest. We take you to the best locations around the globe for an ultimate stargazing experience. France, Jordan, Nepal and Namibia are among some of the destinations on the list. Get ready to enjoy astrotourism first-hand.

Creativity in Stillness

Can solitude inspire creativity? We reflect on how world-renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Franz Kafka and Frida Kahlo created some of their masterpieces in isolation to debate on how solitude can help artists with their creative process. This past year has challenged us to embark on a journey of social isolation. We pay a tribute to all those who have paved the way for artists to find the strength in knowing that when balanced with creativity, self isolation can be a powerful tool in artistic expression and finding one's identity.





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