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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Wht to Pack: The Saudi Arabia Edition
NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Wht to Pack: The Saudi Arabia Edition

If you are planning a trip to the country, here is a quick run-through of some essential items you should pack in your luggage

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Mohammed Hassan, Felipe Pires

26 November 2020


Saudi Arabia has only recently been welcoming to tourists. Until 2019 the only people who were granted visas were Muslims, people going on business trips or oil industry workers. This all changed when the e-visa was introduced. Nowadays, travelling to the Asian country is more than encouraged as the economy benefits from tourism.


Since getting to and back from Saudi Arabia is easier than ever, a lot of nomads are taking advantage of the opportunity to tick it off their bucket list. If you're headed that way, here's is a quick run-through of the essential things you should remember to bring along with you.

Arabic phrasebook

English is not a common language so get ready to learn an Arabic phrase or two. Google translate is a nice tool to use, but we all know that it isn't one hundred percent accurate and sometimes you can confuse locals by trying to translate sentences from English to Arabic. It is useful bringing along an Arabic phrasebook as it will prove to be helpful when you are trying to communicate Saudi Arabic dialect.



The plugs in the country are the same as the ones in the UK, however if you are travelling from Europe or the Americas, you will need to buy a G-type plug. There is nothing worse than not being able to charge your camera and missing on a day of documenting your travels.


Travel size charger

Since we are on the topic of electronics, don't forget to pack a charger. It is an easy item to forget but one that should definitely be at the top of your packaging list. 


Proper attire

Saudi Arabia is a religious place and as one there is a certain kind of etiquette that applies when it comes to the choice of clothing. Make sure that regardless of your gender, you bring modest clothes and make the effort to cover up.


Sunscreen and sunglasses

During the summer months the weather in the country is particularly unbearable. Make sure to visit between October and March when the sun is still out but it is more pleasant to walk around and exercise being a tourist for the day. Having a good sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses is a must.


Water bottle 

As modern travellers it is our responsibility to explore destinations whilst being mindful of the environment and the cultural appropriations. This is why it is important to do our best every day. Bring a water bottle with you to avoid buying plastic bottles each time you feel thirsty.


Reusable cup

Pollution is a problem in Saudi Arabia. The hot weather will have you craving drinks all the time so it's best to take a reusable cup with you. That way you will contribute to a greener environment whilst travelling and will always have a drink in hand after you stop at a highway gas station. 



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