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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l What to Pack: The Israel Edition
NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l What to Pack: The Israel Edition

Known as 'The Holy Land', Israel is a cultural dreamland and a spiritual destination. From suitable attire to skincare products, here is what you shouldn't forget to pack

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Yoav Aziz, Bucography

20 November 2020


Israel is a cultural dreamland. With so much diversity, it can be difficult to know how to be best prepared for your trip to the country. Known as 'The Holy Land' it is one of the world's most notorious religious and spiritual destination, which makes it an attractive one for tourists. 

Power adapter 

Even though Israel outlets work with some European plugs, it won't harm bringing an international power adapter. This will prove to be useful even for your trips to other locations so make sure to buy one.



If you keep up with our tips, you have already heard that one a dozen times. We never leave the house without a sunscreen in our bags and it is one of the most useful products to bring with you wherever you decide to travel to. 


A scarf

Famous as a religious hotspot, Israel is a sacred place. Make sure to pack a scarf as it will come in handy for many occasions. Tie it around your waist, cover your head and shoulders when visiting holy sites or simply style your outfit with it. As it is light, it is an easy carry-on item and a must for this packing list.


Water bottle 

Israel is hot, very hot. The sun is out for hours so make sure to stay hydrated at all times. Whether you are headed for a swim at the Dead Sea or a visit to the museums is in the itinerary, make sure to take your water bottle with you and keep a pair of sunglasses at the ready.



If you are a travel enthusiast or a professional photographer, we don't even have to mention this one. However if you are a backpacker and travel on a budget, you will be grateful for making space in your luggage for a camera. Israel is a stunning place and chances are you will want to document your journey.


Portable charger

Just as you are about to take the most amazing shot of the Tel Aviv markets, you're making a quick call back home or you are looking at Google Maps for directions, your phone dies. We've all been there, so make sure you came prepared. Pack a travel size charger and head to your adventure without worrying about the battery of your phone failing you.


Comfortable shoes

Israel is a stunning country. The landscape is unique, proving opportunities to explore the place by hiking, climbing or just exploring the bigger cities by foot. Plan your adventure in advance and pack a pair of walking boots or comfy flats depending on how you plan your trip.


Travel insurance 

It is crucial to have travel insurance when you have decided to head to an adventure abroad, especially if you are travelling to a far away country you have never been to before. When you pick the type of insurance, make sure it is a package that covers cancellation of flights, lost or stolen luggage and medical bills.


Sense of wanderlust 

Finally don't forget to bring along your sense of wanderlust. Israel is stunning and it will charm you, regardless of whether you are walking around the busy cities or you are exploring tge landscape of the outskirts. Prepare to be impressed and inspired on this unique trip. 



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