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Poland's capital doesn't disappoint and it is a top spot for inspiration. We explored it historically and visited some of the coolest museums in the country

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Cristina Gottardi

01 May 2019


Warsaw hold a different kind of atmosphere and seems to capture all of Poland's values within itself. The historical times are combined with a modern approach, which can be noticed in the glass and steel-made buildings.

The city suffered greatly from the consequences of the World War II. Over the centuries it has been influenced by Chopin's music and other great artists, who have come to create in the Poland's capital. The art of survival is strongly represented and captured standing still inside the walls of the museums and the art galleries.

The restaurants are up-and-coming, inviting guests to dive into the vibrant culture of Warsaw the way that locals do. The centre, Śródmieście, is also gaining interest as a popular place and there is no way to miss it if you ever plan a trip to Warsaw.

Sense history is such a huge milestone, identifying the city, we made a list of the coolest museums there are on the territory of the country.

Museums in Warsaw:

The Neon Museum - it preserves the uniqueness of the neon signs, dating all the way back to the communist era. Sometimes the art pieces are fully lit up in colours and exposed in their glory.

The Polish Jews Museum - the museum opened its door in 2014. Big part of the exhibitions represents the process of the Jewish migration, the struggles that the nation had to go through, the destruction of whole communities and the paths they paved to survival.

Rising Museum - it has a deep historical significance. The museum was built so that an era of the country's history can be kept safe and open to the public for discussions and observation. The museum exposes Poland rising from the German occupation. It is interactive and inviting visitors to learn more than what already knew. It's amazing how much of history is kept and displayed in one place, showcasing the city's dark past and the destruction that the German era left behind.



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