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Learn about the culture, history and the wild side of the Maldives archipelago

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Aachal Lal

01 March 2019

Maldives is fairly affordable, tropical and it awaits you. This stunning country has welcomed many tourists in the last decade and is planning to welcome many more in the future. If you haven’t visited already, maybe it’s time you consider booking a trip to some of the islands and explore the country.

People are usually looking at the beaches before they book a summer holiday anywhere. Maldives has great beaches with white fine sand and many types of accommodations to choose from – hotels, resorts and guesthouses, it’s up to you where you prefer to stay.

The Maldives archipelago is the world’s lowest country standing only 1.5 meters above sea level. In 1968, Maldives was established as presidential republic having achieved an independence status from the United Kingdom only 3 years prior to this change.

The first settlers on the territory of Maldives are believed to have been settlers from the southern shores of the Indian subcontinent. Records claim that they have had a rather simple life. Their constriction consisted mainly of simple materials such as palm bark and wood instead of using stone as an alternative. The folklore in the region tells stories of time when kings ruled the country. The earliest documented human contact with the land was in circa 543 to 483 BC when the Sinhalese people reached Sri Lanka as well as Maldives.

Maldives were a Buddhist kingdom for over 1 400 years. This shaped the early culture, customs and traditions of the first settlers in the country. This defined the land at first, but in 1558 the Portuguese tried to introduce Christianity to the locals. They were later driven out of the Maldives and in 1796 the place fell under British dominance. The Muslim traditions were respected and regulated while the country was still considered a British protected area. With the independence came political reforms followed by some environmental changes as well. Today, Maldives is enjoying a stable level of tourism and is praised as one of the most beautiful summer getaways.

There are plenty of things you can do whilst on the islands, such as learning how to swim or scuba dive. Some islands even organise dolphin safaris so you can swim with the intelligent creatures and establish a connection with nature. If you want to participate in the local’s customs, you might consider going fishing. It is the oldest tradition and longest running economic activity in the area. You can pick between going during the day or at night so that you have enough time to explore all the water activities that the country offers. Scuba diving will be a great way to explore the nature of Maldives and see its wild side. You will likely see parrots and other exotic creatures in their natural habitat.

Maldives is like no other place. It will charm you with its tropical feel and vacation-like atmosphere. Experience all that nature has to share with people and connect with it while exploring the secrets of the Maldives archipelago.



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