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Image by Annie Spratt

Walking through Indian streets is like stepping into a parallel universe. Each sidewalk is like a whole new world of its own. Follow us down the streets of some of the villages and the smaller cities to see what India looks like away from the tourist crowds

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Annie Spratt

25 November 2019

The urban side of India is quite a broad description to fit into a sentence. The streets represent a mixture of individuality. There is so much that can be learned about the place simply when walking down the streets and paying attention you your surroundings.

India is a country that appeals to a great amount of people as a holiday destination. From the coastline of the Indian Ocean to the Himalayan peaks, India has a lot of charm and very interesting history that the locals should be proud of. When stepping away from the heaven-like beaches and the impressive view, which can be seen from the Himalayas, India's identity shows through what happens on the streets.


The locals are used to co-exist with a lot of stray animals. As in other places on earth, such as more peaceful villages and some smaller European countries, this is a common thing. Stray animals, such as dogs are walking around freely, but in India seeing stray cows and goats is just as normal.

Street doctors, the way they are referred to, are the people, who sell herbs on the streets. Those herbs are believed to cure diseases and people often turn to them for help when they are coming up with a flu. Dentists practising on the streets are a common thing to spot as well.

From old times, there have been improvised shows performed on the sidewalks in India. People dancing and training animals, even animals dancing - those are just some of the ways people attract each other's attention in attempts to entertain. It happens especially in the regions of the villages where everybody knows each other in their small communities.

There are a lot of roadside temples. Most of them are made of stone. Situated along the sides of the streets, those temples are almost like a trademark for India. A lot of them are positioned chaotically along the streets to complete the urban vibe of the country and represent the believes of the people.

And, of course, the people are the most important part. There is a lot that can be learned from what is visually represented on the streets of India, but human connection is something that stand out a lot. The number of beggars is steadily increasing and has become a problem for the South Asian country. However, homeless children are not far down the road. This, sadly and terrifyingly disappointing, is something extremely common for India. About one million street children are walking the streets of India, calling it their home. Some of them are seen in the villages, other even in the big cities. This is the unfiltered reality of India the way locals live in it.

India is a country where the wires are hanging over the roads like a second sky and people co-exist with animals and nature. See the urban side of the country, through the lens of our photographers who travelled there to capture the people and the cities.



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