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We put together a bunch of reasons why Iceland is a great destination to explore if you decide to travel solo

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Nathan Dumlao

28 April 2019


The Nordic island country wasn't known as a tourist destination just a few decades ago but is gradually gaining recognition and is being included in many adventurists' bucket lists. We explored it from the perspective of a solo travellers and here is why you should consider doing so too.

Iceland is easy to get to. There are direct flights from some places and another plus is that you can easily get to other countries that are its neighbours. This way you can plan one big adventure and see more places along the way.

Crime in Iceland is low, which makes it great for women, who travel on their own. It is low populated. Everybody seems to know each other so there is a sense of community. People are friendly and ready to help with anything. Nearly all the people, living in the island country know English, so communication shouldn't be a problem for most travellers.

There is so much to see. Island is a land of natural wonders and once you start exploring them, you would just want to keep going. The best way to see more is by renting a car. You can also book hikes around the glaciers and go explore the terrain in groups.


Although it can be very expensive, if you plan your stay, you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Buy food from the local grocery stores and avoid going to restaurants for meals. Stay in hostels and spend most of your time outdoors, enjoying all that Iceland has to offer.

Travelling solo is a promise that you will meet some cool people along the way and make new friends. Some of them might not be visiting for the first time and they might even be able to take you to some amazing places, which you haven't included in your plans.

Travelling solo is an excuse to spend some quality time with yourself. If you have the budget, Iceland has some great places where you can spoil yourself, such as the Blue Lagoon and the infinity pool that faces the Arctic Ocean.

You will crave to go back again. Sharing all those cool experience with a friend, a partner or a family member is a great way to fight the cold weather.

Have you already travelled to Iceland on your own? Write to us and let us know if you enjoyed it and what are the best thing about exploring the island country travelling solo.



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