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A Travel Guide to Isan l NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
A Travel Guide to Isan l NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Immerse yourself into one of the most culturally diverse and exciting Asian countries. In this travel guide we explore the charm of Iran to help you prepare for your trip to the country 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Ashkan Forouzani

26 February 2021

Whether you are visiting the country to immerse yourself in the local culture, you wish to try the delicious cuisine first hand or you want to explore the stunning nature, your decision to head to Iran will pay off. The country is definitely an intriguing stop for nomads regardless of whether you travel from far or near. During your trip, you will likely stumble upon travellers from places like Australia, UK and Switzerland. Equally irresistible because of the art, the culture and the food, Iran will be everything you have ever dreamt it would be and more. 


The Iran-Iraq War left a destructive impact on the country, however Iran is steadily recovering from this historic moment and building up upon a brighter future. Despite the lack of infrastructure, the locals are tirelessly working towards making improvements in this sector. The style of the architecture in the cities is a combination between traditional and minimalistic. Expect to find less hotels, but stunning historical sites and nature sports to visit. 


The locals are well-educated and independent. Many of them have to seek job opportunities away from their hometowns as the government can't supply the demand and provide work that reflects the nation's qualifications. The portrait of Iran is a mosaic of welcoming and warm-hearted people. Iranians are all about family values. Traditions are passed down from the elderly to the young generation for centuries. Customs are a reason for the whole family to get together and celebrate.


When walking the streets of the smaller towns and bigger cities, one gets a feel of how Iran has changed over the years. The country is progressing and this cam be seen in nearly every aspect. Travellers we might be surprised to learn that most stereotypes that come to mind when thinking of the Asian country no longer apply. Past and present collide beautifully to reflect upon the importance of keeping cultural values in the family and recognising the modern changes that society is striving to achieve. 


Some nomads are headed to Iran to see the Persepolis, the 2,500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site built during the Achaemenid dynasty; others plan their trip to experience what it would be like to immerse in the local culture by visiting the mosques. No matter the reason that inspires visitors, there is something that all travellers who head to Iran have in common - they all leave the country a bit more grounded than they were when they entered. The Asian destination has the ability to make nomads feel more culturally rich and challenged. It is destinations like this one which make travelling worthwhile.



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