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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l This is Brazil

Get to know a bit about some of the grand-scale facts and figures of a country so diverse, it would have you in awe. This is Brazil in a nutshell

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Elizeu Dias

22 March 2019

Home to one of the 7 Wonders of the World - the Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a fascinating country to live in or visit. The largest country on Earth to spread at approximately 2 800 miles from north to south via land, Brazil is also the only place in South America where the population speaks Portuguese as opposed to Spanish. While the majority of Europe is exposed to many aspects of the remaining countries worldwide, how authentic is the vision of Europeans regarding life in one of the largest countries in the world?

‘I have never in my life seen an avocado this small!’

Brazilian-born and raised Duana Ferreira travelled to the United Kingdom and was more than surprised when encountering imported goods form the Federative Republic. She shared that the green single-seeded berry grows to a size bigger than a grapefruit. Brazilians are generous people whose food is rich in flavours as their culture is diverse in rhythms and their nature ranges with life. Close to 60% of the Amazon rain forests are located within the country, which makes it a tropical paradise of incredibly diverse flora and fauna. More species of monkeys are found in Brazil than anywhere else in the world. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is among the hundreds of conservation units in the country. It preserves the greatest biodiversity on the planet. In addition, the national park is home to sand dunes formed by wind and ocean currents that can reach a height of 40 meters.

Yet, forests are far from the only gem of nature to be found within this large destination. While Brazil shares a border with all South American countries apart from Ecuador and Chile, it is no wonder that it covers as much as three time zones. The country also preserves the largest beach in the world, which reaches a length of 24 606 feet. On top of it all, Brazil is the home to the most celebrated festival worldwide. The Rio Carnival gathers people from all corners of the planet in celebration of a grand-scale fiesta with Latino dancing, endless carnival music, spectacular costumes and one of the greatest atmospheres a street show can offer. And since people are the life of the party, it is no wonder that Brazilians form the fifth largest population in the world of up to 200 million people.

These are only a small spectrum of all the diverse facts and figures that sum up Brazil. We believe that people formulate an extensive amount of the character of a place. This is why we paid attention to the native population and their culture. If you wish to learn more about the locals and their captivating origins, read the article on Brazil and the People from our section dedicated to Brazil.



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