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The rise of sea levels due to greenhouse emissions released in the atmosphere is putting some cities in danger of disappearing underwater in the near future

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Elizabeth Lies

15 March 2020

The rise of sea levels is a fact. It is caused by the greenhouse gas emissions that are released in the atmosphere daily. The oceans are warming up and it has been estimated that 90% of those gasses have been absorbed by oceans. This phenomenon is not new; however, it has only recently started affecting people globally in a more pressing manner. In 2018 the oceans were the warmest they have ever been. Coastlines across different countries got flooded as the water level increased. This puts whole communities at risk. People living by certain coastlines have been experiencing systematic flooding. In places such as Kiribati, people are forced to find an alternative and migrate to different areas in order to survive and save their livelihood.

Since 1880, the sea levels have increased with 23 cm, about 8 inches. The last 25 years are to blame for the last three inches in the statistic. Climate change is the factor behind this catastrophe. Natural formations are melting across the globe. Ice pieces of icebergs are being torn apart and drift freely into the seas and oceans. The high temperature of the water melts the ice and the rest becomes history.

For some time now Antarctica and Greenland have been losing their ice caps. The melting ice is causing dis-balance in nature. The last human-navigated expedition to the North Pole has already happened. Adventurists and scientists wouldn’t be able to go back to the North Pole as the melting Arctic Ocean has made it impossible to survive such an expedition. Even a small increase in the temperature of the World Oceans can have a devastating effect. Coral reefs are disappearing, animals and plants are in danger of having the same faith. The balance in nature is disturbed by the consequences that the increasing sea levels have. Scientists have estimates that by 2100, the sea level will have increased by 10 to 30 inches. NASA and European data backs this up and shows even more concerning statistics.

People are experiencing those changes as well. Entire cities have been flooded and in danger of disappearing underwater. Various statistics show that multiple places across the globe can disappear below sea level within a couple of decades.


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