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Let us tell you the story of the place that once existed until it self-destructed, leaving behind nothing, but the memories of those who have had the privilege to see it with their own eyes

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photograpgy: Sincerely Media

01 December 2018


The Azure Window was quite an impressive thing to stand in front of. It was nature way of proving what it is capable of. The way this story end matches the very description of how nature created beauty.

Located on Gozo, Malta, The Azure Window used to attract tourists from all over the world to go travel all this way to the Mediterranean country searching for it. To everyone's surprise, The Azure Window crumbled down on its own. Once standing tall and graceful upon the sea, it was leaving a feeling of awe in the minds of those standing in front of it. Now the place where it used to be is empty.

This wasn't some kind of an inexplicable mystery. It was a process that happened because of nature itself.

Back in March 2017 the heavy rock structure collapsed after heavy rains and long-lasting storms. Nature showed its power as it took back to its possessions what it had created for the world to see and own.

The Azure Window has become a symbol to remind us that things are temporary, and we should value them while they last.



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