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Photo series showing the people of La Habana 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Ellen Carlson, Flo, MJ Haru, Elcarito, Scott Fleming, Emanuel Haas, Craig Philbrick

02 April 2019

Cuba is a land of so much diversity, complex history and inspiring culture. It seems that the country moves to its own rhythm, no matter what anyone else thinks. The culture can be seen anywhere - from the street food to the old-fashioned cars, the facades of the buildings and the locals who make the cities better. We wanted to take a turn on Cuba and explore its charm through the locals.


The population of the Cuban capital is estimated to be 2.1 million inhabitants. We believe that people are what defines a place the most, what makes it different and interesting. People define a country and carry its cultural values throughout generations. They are the ones who shape the way a place is perceived and we as Cuba is a place travellers love so much, we wanted to show you the everyday life of the those, who make Cuba so interesting.


This is a small piece of Havana portrayed through a fraction of the people.


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