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Image by Martin Sattler

While Switzerland may look like a place, taken out of a postcard, there are numerous factors contributing to the country’s status of being one of the best places to live in on the planet

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Martin Sattler

20 February 2019

The land of four languages clashes a variety of cultural values. Enriching the life of the locals, this diversity attracts many visitors as well. With its tranquil lakes and waterfalls, heart-racing Alpine slopes and medieval town scenery, Switzerland is filled with opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime journeys.

Alongside the fairy tale-like landscapes, the country offers plenty of activities too. Whether you choose to enjoy a fondue while relaxing indoors or paddle down the turquoise blue lake waters, a cable car will always be somewhere near by to take you up the mountain peaks that reveal a bird-eye view of the cities. The scenery may vary from the historical Montreux set alongside the medieval castles of Lake Geneva; to the mesmerising town of Interlaken, positioned in between two lakes. Switzerland is a very rich country on railways. Transport is easy and so well-engineered; you could set your watch to it.

From Alpine-architecture mountain resorts like Zermatt and Grindelwald to the world’s steepest Mount Pilatus, Switzerland offers glorious views and unforgettable experiences. Choose the Glacier Express for a ride among Alpine forests or the Jungfrau railway for Europe’s highest station – Jungfraujoch. With such rich nature and cities intoxicated with heritage, you can never go wrong regardless the approach you chose of visiting the country.

But alongside the postcard-like scenery, what really contributes to Switzerland’s atmosphere are the locals. Famous for their unique techniques, the Swiss are experts in the art of chocolate making. Not only does the country export hundreds of thousands of tons of chocolate on an annual basis, but the people also consume more chocolate than any other nation in the world. The consumption number was estimated to reach 11 kg per year in 2015. We would like to believe that chocolate is a considerable contribution to the consistent high rankings of quality of livelihood of the Swiss nation, although many other factors apply. Global reports named Switzerland as the best place to be born and be happy in 2015 out of 156 countries, and second best after Denmark in the following year. The country also has a record number in personal safety with Zurich named the second-best city to live after Vienna, Austria.

To find out more about this prospering country, read NOMADSofORIGIN’s inside on the fine balance between the economic, social and cultural life in Switzerland.



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