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Finding a balance between work and relaxing is essential for every remote working individuals. We've listed six destinations that are ideal for increasing your productivity whilst staying on track with your work

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Taylor Simpson

26 April 2020

Working remotely has turned into a lifestyle for many. Nowadays choosing a career in a creative industry has a lot of advantages and it has become a preferred option by numerous students. The flexibility of the creative industries allows some of us to choose their office setting depending on their line of work. Freelancers typically go on locations to complete a project or work from home and there are multiple factors to take into consideration. Making the right choice about your work environment is a crucial element for performing to the best of your abilities.

This evolution of working lifestyles has transformed the way we perceive office spaces, even if we work from the comfort of our own home or our favourite coffee shop. We took factors such as surroundings, opportunities and affordability into account to list some of the best locations for remote wok lifestyle.



The thing we like most about setting up your office in Vietnam is the entrepreneurial spirit of the working individuals who have settled in the country. There are plenty of coffee shops to choose as your office whenever you need a change of scenery. The good coffee will stimulate your pace of working and a lunchtime break for some tasty noodle soup will be just what you'll need to fuel you with good energy so you can concentrate on your projects. The beauty of the country should also be taken into consideration. Whenever you need an escape from the busy atmosphere of the city, you can head for a hike in the mountains, hire a bike to explore around or simply explore the little picturesque villages nearby.


Indonesia is the country for freelancers. You can be in charge of your work routine and still achieve a balance of work and play. There are cool restaurants and trendy coffee places to head to when you need to recharge. The tranquility of the lifestyle you could have in a country like Indonesia is favorable to boosting up your creativity.  Big places like Bali are great for networking while the green spaces like the Tegallalang Rice fields located just 20 minutes north of Ubud could be your go-to to destress.


Soaking up the sunshine is never a bad idea. It will most definitely increase your productivity levels and make you happier. Hire a co-working office space whenever you have to concentrate and get a lot of work done or head to the beach when working on a creative project if your schedule allows it. Throughout the years, Portugal has had many different cultural influences shaping the cuisine and day-to-day life so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about the country. Travelling around is easy, allowing working individuals to have well-deserved days off spent exploring the outdoors or partying with friends in the city.


A diverse paradise, Spain has so much character. Regardless of whether you're headed there for a weekend getaway or chose it as a destination to work remotely from, you'll gave the time of your life.  The Mediterranean lifestyle is soaked up in every aspect of life in this European gem of a place. Work, party, practice the art of slow-living - Spain just has it all for you. You'll be able to find the perfect balance that works best for you and the best part of that the location of Spain is ideal for workers who have to travel around Europe for business meetings.


If you really want to detach, Haiti is the place to be. The Caribbean country will charm you instantly. The country is amazing for individuals who are searching for some peace and quiet. If you are a writer working on a deadline or a designer, Haiti can be a great source of inspiration. Find your work-space at the beach and enjoy the tranquility of life that will help you maintain your focus for as long as you need. When the weekend rolls around you could head to the islands nearby to make the most of your stay there. Emerge yourself into the locals' lifestyle and let the tempo of the country dictate your work pace.


You can never go wrong with the island vibe. Fiji is beautiful, culturally rich and an exciting destination. People are warm and are typically used to travellers. If you are looking for a place to break free from the stereotypical European work-station countries, then Fiji should be on your radar. Recharge your mind with a visit to the beach and fill your time off with surf lessons or sign up to a cooking class. Fiji has just the right balance that will make a positive change to your attitude towards working.




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