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We went to the place where we could be wild, have fun, dance and sing our hears out. Are you ready to experience such a musical euphoria? 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Aran Mtnez

24 January 2019


Celebrated in the island of Óbuda, the Sziget Festival is a place of freedom and expression where the only thing that matters is the music and being present in the moment. Follow us on this adventure to set your soul free.

The festivals itself seems to have been created so that people can enjoy life, have fun and share unforgettable experiences with their friends. It surely is the place to be to make some memories that will last a lifetime. 

You can camp at the festival to make sure you make the most of it. Its seven-day duration is a promise of unpredictable fun. Even when it rains, the festival is fully booked, and people gather from all over the world to experience this wild side of Hungary.

Upon arrival you are given a Sziget passport, which you can fill up with stamps. Collecting them guarantees you access to different parts of the island. The good music and meeting likely-minded people are not the only highlight of the event. The festival is also known for their amazing foam parties that get pretty much everybody involved. Street acts and dancing performances are always happening. All you have to do, is keep your eyes open for all the cool things around you.

The Sziget Beach is located on the island and it is an alternative to get some rest from the non-stop part going on not that far away from the shore. The beach is the treasure of the island. Being there is like experiencing what life can be like if time didn't exist. Mats and pillows for sleeping and free yoga classes are scattered along the sand, inviting people to stop for a while and focus on the moment. Imagine the idyll atmosphere with the water washing the shores and the island breathing peacefully around you.

Despite all the cool things going on around the island, Sziget really is a festival honouring music and bringing artists to you. It is for the lovers of sound and the people, who are on the search for setting their souls free.



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