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Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Bring the sunshine into your life with the vintage, sun inspired goods from Sunfolk. We talk to Kate about her passion to combine elements of the two. She finds and creates unique pieces of ceramics and clothes made for the sun lovers

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Sunfolk
22 July 2020

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Introducing Sunfolk - the vintage brand inspired by the sun that you need in your life this summer. When planning adventures, travellers often chase the sun, which plays a vital role when deciding where to head to next. A traveller always has a lust to explore different places and search for the unknown. Many people from our nomadic community are more often on the go than not. Those are wanderlusts by heart; nomads by soul; adventurers by calling. The sunshine leads their way and becomes a symbol of their memories. Now there is an easy way to add a splash of sunshine to your wardrobe and your home with these vintage goods designed to make you happier and bring the sun rays into your life.

Sunfolk is THE brand that you should turn to whenever in need of some tropical inspiration. Kate, the founder of Sunfolk, has always had a passion for styling both clothing and home decor. Her fashion sense evolved with time and now you can often find her wearing vintage-looking pieces, which she effortlessly combines with modern ones to complete her style. For as long as she can remember, Kate has been a sun child. One day she had an idea about how she could inspire others. Kate combined her passion for vintage clothing and style with her love for the sun. These became the fundamental elements of Sunfolk. Today, Kate runs her business and aspires to create unique pieces that people fall in love with.

Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

‘‘Every item that I choose is something that I would use or buy for myself. I think that the best way to keep it authentic, is to sell what you love.’’

Kate, founder of Sunfolk for NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

The sun is a deal-breaker for many travellers and city-breakers who plan their next getaway adventures. Accommodating the theme of the sun into what you wear is a great way to express yourself as a traveller and individual. From hats to tops and footwear, the choice goes on and on.

Sunfolk offers sun-inspired ceramics to bring a touch of light into your home and even invite some sunshine into your workspace. The pieces also make a great gift for your family and friends. The authenticity of the items adds a touch of individuality, which makes them even more personalised. We love shopping from independent businesses, especially ones that explore the concept of travelling from a different, fresher perspective. If you love the sun, have a thing for the vintage style and like the beauty of simple things, Sunfolk is the brand for you.

We talk to Kate to find out more about her sunshine lust, her adventurous soul and to see how she intertwines both into what she creates under the Sunfolk brand.

NOMADSofORIGIN: Sunfolk is such a fun brand. There is a consistency in the style of the products, yet you always have something new and unique to sell to people from your sunny community. What’s your secret?
Honestly there isn't much of a secret. When I was first starting out, it took me a while to get a feel for what will sell and what I loved selling, but now that I've been doing this for over a year it's just like a second nature. Every item that I choose is something that I would use or buy for myself. I think that the best way to keep it authentic, is to sell what you love.

NOMADSofORIGIN: Where do you gain inspiration for the products you sell and how do you find them?
The thing about selling vintage is you never really know what you're going to find or where, so when I'm out thrifting, I tend to let the inspiration find me. When it comes to items that catch my eye it usually comes down to three things: is it one of a kind, is it in good vintage condition, and is it something I would use or display in my home. I like to sell pieces that you won't be able to find anywhere else, pieces that people will adore for years and pass down to their children one day.

NOMADSofORIGIN: If you could live with only five Sunfolk vintage goods, what would they be?
A vintage striped silk scarf definitely, they are the best accessory and so versatile. A cane or raffia basket or bag- they are so cute and perfect for the beach. Ceramics are a must, so definitely a set of 70's rainbow dinner plates or a ceramic set of mugs, I have to say a shell ceramic jewellery dish because they are a favourite and probably a freshwater pearl necklace that I found and couldn't part with.

Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Sunfolk x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

‘‘I love to bring you pieces that I would wear or use myself. I have always been a sunchild and a vintage lover, so here the two meet to bring you one off pieces to be loved in your life under the sunshine.’’

Kate, founder of Sunfolk


NOMADSofORIGIN: The sun is the leading motif in your brand. You must have a passion for seeking places where you can soak up the sunshine all day long. Which are your favourite holiday destinations?
Yes, I grew up camping on the beach every break, so it's safe to say the sunshine is necessary when I'm on holiday. Double Island Point and Stradbroke Island are beautiful spots to wake up to the ocean. When it's safe to travel overseas again I'll definitely be checking out all the vintage in Japan!

NOMADSofORIGIN: Why the Sun? What makes it so special for you that you decided to incorporate it into the style of the brand?

Kate: Sunshine is just the aesthetic I aspire for in everything- warm, golden and light, it makes you feel good - which is what I hope my vintage makes people feel. Plus, I collect and photograph everything under the hot Australian sun, so it makes sense. 

NOMADSofORIGIN: The Sunfolk products are made for the earth conscious folk. How has the brand evolved since you found it? Have customers influenced any changes in the products you sell at all?
Sunfolk has definitely evolved since the beginning. It's been a natural evolution though, and one that I hope continues as long as I'm selling. I honestly wouldn't be able to do that without my customers constantly giving me feedback and requests.

NOMADSofORIGIN: Sunfolk is must-know vintage goods brand and we can’t wait to shop more of the items. Do you want to add anything else to this interview?
 I just want to spread the message that buying second hand & vintage is beautiful! It's good for the planet, your wallet and your sense of individuality. Let's work together to make it the norm. 
Thank you for supporting Sunfolk. 

Photography: Aura House
Photography: Aura House

Shop the stylish vintage goods online
See below some of the products we love. Follow the brand on social media.





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