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Summertime Trip to Kent l NOMADSofORIGIN
Summertime Trip to Kent l NOMADSofORIGIN

Despite the travel restrictions, we are dreaming for a summer holiday at a sunny location and this lust inspired us to outline the ideal day trip to the coastal city referred to as the 'Garden of England' 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photograohy: Lea Joseph Vary

19 January 2021


Known as the 'Garden of England', Kent is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the country. Beautiful beaches define the landscape of the city, making it a preferred summer break destination in the UK. Enjoy fish and chips by the water like the locals do and combine your meal with a pint of the famous Kent hops or some of the finest ales served in town.


The city is a great spot for wine lovers as well. With numerous renowned vineyards to choose from, your wine craving can easily be satisfied. Perhaps one of our favourite things about Kent is that the city is a place that visitors can experience with a sense of authenticity. Locals are used to tourists so you won't have problems blending in. Make sure to book your trip when the weather promises sunny days so you can make the most of what the coastal city has to offer.

To get a feel of English summer, visit the beach towns nearby and stretch your legs on a walk, exploring the tiny villages in the area. The essence of Kent is best presented in the quiet moments when you can enjoy a coffee in a local café or wander down the tiny streets away from the busy city centre.


Spend some time admiring the Canterbury Cathedral or pay a visit to the Spitfire Memorial Museum, if you want to learn more about the history of the city. Nomads who love to travel to explore art should schedule a stop at the Turner Contemporary gallery, while street art can be appreciated at Banksy Brexit Mural.


At night time, Kent is particularly beautiful. It is when the sun sets down, colouring the sky in soft orange and dusky pink hues, when visitors feel the strongest connection to the place. Head to the beach in the late afternoon and you will be able to hear the rhythm of the city - the waves gently kissing the shore just before the water pulls away again and the sound of the busy streets in the near distance.


Kent balances the city charm with the appeal of the suburbs. Stunning landscapes transcend into beautiful hills, farmlands and monuments that need to be explored. The city charms travellers from far and near, and it is easy to see why it got voted as Europe's top family holiday destination by the readers of Lonely Planet. Whether you have a couple of days or just a few hours at your disposal, don't miss out on an incredible visit to Kent. 



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