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We went streetwalking around the old Silk Road capital city to see Tbilisi in its natural beauty. Get to know this trendy Georgian spot in a true bohemian style

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: John Forson

23 February 2020


Once upon a time Tbilisi was a Silk Road capital city. Now it has an old-time bohemian charm. Travellers can get lost in the city. Although small, Tbilisi is impressive. You can explore it in as little as a weekend time. From the trendy cafes to the cozy restaurants, the city is more alive than it has ever been.

This Georgian pearl of a place attracts travellers because of its dynamic. No two places look the same, even though the city has its own style. This is easy to see – from the architecture of the facades of the buildings to the interior of places scattered all over. The hotels will welcome you in a space that seemed to have captured the charm of a time that is nearly long forgotten combined with the familiarity of modern eccentricity. The clash of old and new is somehow comforting. Even if this is your first time visiting, Tbilisi has a way of getting under your skin to make you feel almost nostalgic, much like you’ve been there before. Bars and galleries – they have a vintage scent. Art studios and factories are cool and trendy.


It seems as if every single detail about Tbilisi is well-thought of and perfectly crafted. Nothing stands out about this place. Everything – from the buildings to the people and the culture – compliments each other in a gorgeous composition. This Georgian gem is a place that can make a nomad easily feel at home shortly after they arrived. You can follow your own pace and still be part of the heartbeat of the city. You don’t have to follow rules and go to all the trendy places to get to know the city because every little corner is pure magic. No matter where you are around Tbilisi, you will exist in a moment where you’ll be part of something special and that is the true bohemian style of this Black Sea city.

This place is like a scene from a movie that romanticises getting lost in a new place to find yourself. It is authentic as much as it seems unreal - like a dream you can reach but can't believe you get to live in it. The magic happens all around without travellers having to look for it. Roam down the streets to the native side of the city. There is nothing better than sparing some time to find Tbilisi’s hidden little spots and tucked-away restaurants. Get lost following where the sidewalks take you and explore the city without a map, simply by following your intuition and sense of wonder – like a true bohemian would do.



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