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The Russian Federation has a huge influence over many other countries on the world map. Known for the severe, cold climate, the emblematic vodka and the grammatically complicated language, the country is amazing in every aspect possible.

Russia is located across 9 time zones and each area is different compared to the rest of the country. When we talk about land, Russia is the biggest country in the world, its territory almost impossible to explore in detail. Culture in the country is represented through art, literature, folk dancing, classical music, philosophy and ballet. Each cultural aspect has influenced the world, even places located far away from Russia. In terms of politics Russia has always been a leading force. The land of the Russians seems to best be defined by their love for their cultural heritage as they celebrate customs and believe in omens and legends. The locals are different from one another, some of them spend their lifetime is the coldest part of Russia, whilst others life in more gracious environmental conditions. A leader in every aspect, Russia is worth getting to know better.


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