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Rowing in Ninh Binh Vietnam. NOMADSofORIGIN. nomads of origin. nomadsoforigin
Rowing in Ninh Binh Vietnam. NOMADSofORIGIN. nomads of origin. nomadsoforigin

Discover the rivers and waterways in Vietnam as we take you for a trip to the picturesque caves and riverways of Ninh Binh in our photo guide

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Taylor Simpson

?? April 2020

Positioned on the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam, this city has been charming travellers in the recent years with its picturesque appeal. The geographical location makes it an ideal place to explore if you want to get in touch with nature. There are plenty of activities to choose from. Hike the mountains, roam around the areas where the numerous caves are scattered around or book a kayaking experience down the river way.

Taking a boat cave tour will give you a proper introduction of the city. Locals will guide your experience into what will feel like a jungle situated on top of the water surface. Complex chains of caves grace the city and the only way to reach them is by water.

A boat tour is an authentic way to get a feel of the wild side of Vietnam. Your boat peddler will warn you when you need to duck a bit when entering certain caves as some formations are not quite as high as you might expect them to be. Many boat peddlers have learned to adapt to those situations by paddling with their feet where the hight of the caves doesn’t allow them to stand up.

It’s easy to make the most out of your trip in the city. Hanoi is only 95km away so you can easily head nearby and explore a wider range of the country. Head to Ho Chi Minh City to the south or plan a trip to Van Long Nature Reserve, which is the less frequently visited reserve in the area. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon goats on your way to hiking peaks such as Hang Mua. Those cute furry animals love making their way to the top of the hikes.



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