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Hold on tight as we take you for a ride across some of the best motorbike routes across the globe

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Jennifer Chen

26 March 2020

There is an insatiable feeling of freedom to touring a city by motorbike. You can never fully explore nature’s beauty from the inside of a car and there are plenty of cities around the world that offer bike enthusiasts a cinematic tourist experience.

1. Tuscany, Italy

A biker’s delight, Tuscany is the Italian region that spikes the heartbeat of all nature lovers. Sink into a sea of vineyards and green fields where tucked-away houses grace the Italian scenery. A true harmony between people and nature spreads across the paved roads among one of Italy’s postcard-like natural treasures. Two-wheel your way around the serenity of Renaissance architecture villages and olive groves. Past the cities and tourist destination, lays entire mountainside of pure nature. Any bike enthusiast must ensure to cruise past Tuscany during at least one European holiday trip.

2. California, USA

When thinking of a curvy route that allows bike lovers to get the full experience of cruising the free road, the Pacific Coast highway rushes to mind. The scenic 120 miles long road greets travellers with seal-dotted beaches, redwood forests, surfers painting the ocean horizons and just enough turns to keep your thrilled along the way. The highway extends along nearly the entire California coast, from Malibu across the Oregon border. For best experience, avoid the summer weekends. While you enjoy the scenic views, remember to stay cautious, as the Pacific Coast Highway is a long way to conquer.

3. Transylvania, Romania

Consumed by lust to conquer nature, Romania’s political leaders ordered the megalomanic construction of Transfagarasan in the 1970s. the road spreads for 35km across the highest mountain peaks in the country. The route is closed during wintertime but those who have the chance to visit in summer, are not disappointed. Embraced by nature, Transfagarasan runs past Transylvania, through rocky lunar landscape, past gothic castles and stretching at the merciful grace of snow-covered plateau. If you enter the unlit tunnel ahead, you’ll find yourself at Arges Valley overlooking Transfagarasan – one of the best known bike roads.

4. Bergen to Geiranger, Norway

Drive north out of Bergen on the E39, and you will find yourself biking past the ferries that seem to act like floating bridges across drowned glacial valleys. Norway's longest and deepest Sognefjorden fjord will take you past glaciers straight ahead to tunnels that stretch ahead for miles. Make your way past 1000m deep cliffs and the Unesco-listed Geirangerfjord. Norway’s scenery will lay bare before your very eyes. Take it all in before you get on the ferry to the Geirangerfjord. Continue your trip past the giant foamy Bridal Vei and Seven Sisters waterfalls.

5. Open Road, Morocco

Best enjoyed beyond the windows and walls, Morocco is a paradise for freedom seekers, who wish to hit the road. Easy to navigate and cost-effective, biking across this North African country is a thrill-seekers delight. Head for the open road where the sea meets North Africa’s Sahara and enjoy the freedom the country gives you. Avoid the big and crowded highways between the big cities and head past the pop-up markets and tiny villages. Modest buildings and colourful bazaars will take you beyond the tourist spots. Cruise through the cool open plains of the refreshing Middle Atlas Mountains where it will be just you and the desert road.



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