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Regardless of whether you are thinking of recycling your tree, replanting it or returning it to the farm you rented it from, here is how to make the most out of your Christmas tree by helping the environment and wildlife

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Oana Craciun

09 December 2020



Have you ever thought about recycling your Christmas tree? There are so many simple ways to do this that are also helpful to the environment. Each year in the UK alone over 8 million real trees are being purchased. Some of us don’t know how to dispose them after the end of the festive season, but there are numerous ways you can give a new life to your tree.



If you have bought a real potted Christmas tree, try to find it a suitable spot where you can replant it. This is a cool way to salute the environment by giving back to it when you have no use for the tree anymore. This year alone there were about 2 million trees planted across the UK. Get involved and leave your trace in this environmental impact.



There are ways to recycle your tree that are easy and in no way time consuming. Check your local council to see if they have a Christmas tree recycling scheme. If they do, you could drop your tree with them, and they will take care of it so that you don’t have to think of alternative ways to dispose it. Chances are they will have designated Christmas tree drop off points where you can leave your tree at and know that it will be in good hands.



Some tree farms can deliver a tree to your home for as little as £20. This way you get to experience having a real Christmas tree without worrying abot negatively impacting the environment. If you have made the decision to rent a tree, after Christmas you can return it just as easily as you rented it. All you need to do is return it to the tree farm that supplied it to you in the first place. Depending on the farm, you can even have your tree collected on the spot, considering they provide a collecting service.



You can use your tree as a compost. This way you will put it to good use without wasting any of it. This means that you will use your tree to the fullest in a sustainable way that helps take care of the environment.


An easy way to put your old Christmas tree to use is to take part of it to create your own birdfeeder. This is a great idea to spend some quality family time together and remember the holidays by. It is simple – choose between using fruits or branches and experiment. You can take an orange for example and peel it out. Put some seeds inside it and leave the sides exposed so that birds can find their way inside. Pinecones are another cool idea. Attach one to a string and put in on a tree brunch. Dip it something sticky like honey or peanut butter and add some seeds to make a tasty snack for the birds.



After the holiday period is over, you can use your Christmas tree to create shelters for the smaller animals who live in the nearby area. Wintertime can be very challenging for some animals, who will probably be looking for a shelter from the snow and cold. Even though most animals are very adaptable and have naturally formed defensive mechanisms to fight the extreme winter conditions, a shelter won’t hurt. This is ideal if you have a garden. You can also leave your tree to decompose in your garden pond. This will provide a natural habitat for the fish as well.



The needles of your Christmas tree can be used as mulch. This will help fight soil erosion and keep the ground from freezing over the rough winter months.



It seems like an obvious solution to use your tree to make fire. If you have got yourself a fireplace, this is a good alternative. In case you don’t, think whether you know somebody who does so you can give it to them. It might cross your mind that perhaps burning the tree is not the best solution, especially when it comes to the level of air pollution, but in fact whilst burning, the tree emits the same level of carbon dioxide as it stored when growing.


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