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We hope you joined us and the other 120 million people in celebrating Plastic Free July! Since August came rolling, we want to inspire you to strive for a plastic free lifestyle all year long

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Anna Tukhfatullina, Goran Ivos, Ignacio F.

14 August 2019


How did your Plastic Free July go? We want to know all about your progress! This year around 120 million people joined the initiative to keep our planet safer and greener, and our team couldn’t be happier to see the results.

Plastic Free July started back in 2011 and the hard work of the organisers has since paid a hundred times over. The inspiring Australian campaign encourages people to become part of the solution to the plastic crisis by transforming their day-to-day habits for an eco-friendly lifestyle. The movement spread beyond the Australian continent. People all over the world participated in Plastic Free July by avoiding single-used plastics and finding alternatives to items they use and purchase daily.

Participants from over 177 countries took part in the challenge to try and leave fewer plastic footprints. The campaign’s official website gives ideas and insights about what you can do as an individual to reduce your plastic use. To make a significant positive difference you can do as little as change your dental products to bamboo toothbrushes, choose paper instead or plastic straws and bring your own keep cup at your local coffee shop.

The changes don’t need to be massive to make a huge impact. In fact, the movement started by encouraging people to pay attention to the little things they do, so long as more people begin to think twice over their plastic use and consider finding alternatives to it.

We think that Plastic Free July can contribute to a safer future for everyone on the planet, if people could change their plastic consumption habits across a period longer than a month. More and more consumers seem to consider the impact plastic has on the environment. Emerging movements, such as Extinction Rebellion, aim to end the climate crisis and protect biodiversity. In recent years they drew global attention to how plastic is directly intertwined with the future of our planet, specifically with that of the younger generations of people.

It will unlikely be an exaggeration to say that today everyone is informed that plastic is a material that takes an alarmingly long amount of time to decompose – about 1 000 years to be exact. This means that most, if not all, plastic that has ever been manufactured still exists on earth and the process of its decomposing is nowhere near finished.

The people behind the Plastic Free July campaign are aware that even though we cannot liquidate all traces of existing plastic altogether, we are still capable of making a change. Over 120 million people are seeking resolutions to this man-made problem, helping with every little act they can. If we all contribute with small acts of sustainability and urge big corporations to embrace plastic-free policies, we could reverse the crisis facing the planet we all call home.

At ORIGIN Magazine we urge our readers to try and live a Plastic Free July every month of the year. We want to support this game-changing campaign and we wish to inspire people to help bring the plastic-free lifestyle to the next level. The only question is, are you in?


Here are some ideas of small acts of sustainability that can make your lifestyle less plastic and far more fantastic!

  • Shop from local markets to get veggies and fruits that haven’t been pre-wrapped in plastic

  • Bring your own keep cup to your favourite coffee shop and cut your disposable cups waste

  • Buy less to make sure you only spend money on what you actually need

  • Get involved in the “zero waste” movement by reusing as many plastic items as you can

  • Switch to glass containers at home, instead of using plastic

  • Don’t use straws if you don’t really need them or simply ask for a paper one – a lot of coffee shops, bars and small restaurants have already replaced plastic with paper

  • Bamboo and wooden toothbrushes are so much cooler than the regular plastic ones

  • Bring your own tote bags when doing your shopping

  • Use the glass alternative to the cartons that store milk and juice at the supermarkets as they are incredibly difficult to recycle due to the various types of materials used to produce them

  • Invest in getting your own refillable water bottle instead of buying single-used water bottles

  • Be aware of how you recycle your plastic waste


Write to us at and tell us about your #plasticfreejourney. We would love to hear about your progress and encourage you to keep going. Let’s live a plastic free life as much as we can master all year long.  



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