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This archipelago country is everything you can ever want from an island destination. The tropical atmosphere will have you feeling all kinds of summery. When visiting you should definitely drink some coconut juice as the country is the largest exporter of coconuts and tropical fruits in the world. There is plenty to explore - from the beaches and the mountain peaks to the diving spots and the rain forests. Each one of the 7 641 islands are unique in its own way and adds to the charisma of the country.

Named after King Philip ll of Spain, the Philippines seem to keep getting more interesting as time goes by. There was a total of 16 new species of mammals that have been discovered on the territory of the country in the past decade alone. If you want to make your way there, you can plan an eco-friendly holiday and explore the archipelago country from a sustainable point of view. The beauty of the Philippines is the freedom it brings. It is the kind of place that makes you want to do and see everything - the kind of place that makes you want to plan another trip so you can see it all over again.


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