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Australia's demographic scenery has shifted majorly since the continent has been discovered. There is still so much to discover in the land of surf and fun

Words: Emily Georgieva

25 April 2019

Australia got discovered when European explorers began searching for a continent located underneath Asia. Before its name was given, it was known as the unknown southern land. Today numerous people head to The Land Down Under, searching for a sense of direction or simply wanting to get lost and leave the rest of the world behind for a while. If you are on a mission like that, we've got your back. But before you start packing and head there searching for your adventured en route, here are a few things that it would be good to know about the country.

Australia is the land of the three 'S's - Sun, Sand and Surf. In fact, the beaches take up to 52 km of the land's surface so there is lots of spots to choose from if you want to soak up some sun with nothing else but the ocean in front of you.

The Gold Coast or 'Goldie' as the locals call it is the coolest way to explore and see everything. Walking is a guarantee that you will feel at one with nature, but hiring a van is on the top of our list as it gives you freedom to go anywhere and it makes you a bit more authentic in your Australian travels.

It is important to know that long before the modernisation influenced the Oceania's country so much, things used to be very traditional. Tribes of aborigines used to live on those lands. Those were people, who had strong family values and traditions, which were honoured and respected by all. They were communities, which passed on what they knew and believed in to their children and this knowledge is not completely lost. Even though a very small part of the current population, some Australians identify themselves as descendants of the aborigine tribes and keep some of the traditions alive, believing that the land is sacred.

Australia offers plenty of opportunities to get around. Travel the 14 500 km across the country if you can. Start at Port Douglas where sugar canes are placed around the highway, go through the deserted spots along the ocean bays and head to Mackay, Queensland. The journey around the land's scenery will satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes as it makes you feel very humble and grateful to be alive.

Australia has kind of tropical atmosphere, which just adds more to its original charm. You can enjoy the deserted shores and the wildlife as sights of kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles are not that unusual. Australia really is an animal kingdom. This might be traced back to its origin as the nation, even the first inhabitants of the land used to believe in harmony and that nature was a source of peace. The country has 700 species of birds. Traffic quiets down away from the cities and it's easy to experience inner peace when you head towards the more distant locations where the songs of the birds replace the sound of civilisation.

Australia is also known for their wines. Sourced from Barossa Valley and Hunter Valley, the grape juice of the gods has an unforgettable taste. If you ever happen to find yourself in one of those valleys, you will feel as if time has stopped and the Earth has stopped turning around. Nothing else, but the view matters... and of course the delicious glass of wine you are holding in your hand. Tasmania is well-known for their whisky. 

Coffee culture is something else. Everybody who knows coffee, goes to Australia. There you can smell the scent of roasted beans pretty much everywhere you go in the cities. Independent coffee houses keep opening their door to amaze with quality coffee, sourced directly from the farmers and crafted beautifully by skilled, professionally trained barista.

Australians are welcoming as they are used to tourists. They have a very laid-back attitude and have the tendency to feel at home wherever they go, so they want you to experience the same when you visit their homeland. It is polite to bring a gift, such a good bottle of wine and a smile, to their house if they invite you over for a meal. They like sharing and love telling stories and because of their adventurous lifestyle, they have a lot of them.



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