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Get packing for a trip to the home of the world's oldest continuous civilisation

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Tiago

28 March 2019

While China may have been a place with overflowing amount of ancient customs and traditional artefacts, today the country is filled with diversity. The urban architecture dominance, round-the-clock planning and metropolitan development for the past three decades have taken a significant toll across the majority of the areas in China. The buzz in fast-paced cities like Beijing and Shanghai never stops and crowds of people are to be found at any location and any time of the day or night. On the contrary stand areas like Chengdu with its temples, galleries, innovative venues and nightlife, cafés, former factories and a population that stands on the verge of modern evolution, while holding strong onto the ancient customs and traditional values. Yet, despite the diversity in urban China, the country does not fail to simultaneously deliver the Big Outdoor too.

The choice between the water towns and villages forgotten by modern times, the ancient Buddhist caves, mountain temples or desert fortresses across Inner Mongolian make your head spin. Whether you would choose to visit the rice terraces located in the south, take in the scenery of the yellow rapeseed fields of Wùyuán, spend a day by the lakes in Tibet, journey down the dusty Silky Road or climb the ancient Great Wall, you will have one of the greatest travel experiences either way. The lovers of the beach life can choose from locations where exotic coconut trees are simply the norm, while hiking enthusiasts can get lost among the bamboo forests where the plants grow so tall, they seem to be touching the sky.

China is grand scale 'spacious' and so diverse it may feel like a variety of countries collided in one. Home to one of the Seven Wonders in the World, the country has also managed to preserve the world's oldest continuous civilisation. Make sure to explore the incredible diversity of the large country and be sure to go hungry. One of the biggest nations on the planet, forming up to 1.4 billion people, is globally famous for their love of food. Lánzhōu noodles, traditionally prepared shredded pork (ròujiāmó), Pecking duck or hotpots are just a fraction of the cuisine options that would test your limits and preferences, ever-expanding and growing in vast cultural variations.

To read more about the Chinese nation, geographical gems and culture, follow NOMADSofORIGIN's updates regarding the Republic or stay tuned with the rest of global destinations we invite you to explore with us.



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