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Take a visual tour around Namib Desert to show you the wildness of this South African paradise kingdom

Words: Emily Georgieva

26 September 2019


We collected some photographs of Namib Desert to show you this place of salt pans, warm sand and pastel-looking sky. The desert is not just a pretty place. It is also quite interesting and has a rich cultural significance for the country. Here are some quick facts you can read through while enjoying the photo guide to help you learn more about the desert.

  • Namib Desert is 55 million years old, which makes it the world’s oldest desert.

  • You will find no sign of water on the surface anywhere in the desert.

  • The sand of Sossusvlei, famous the clay and salt pan, is around 5 million years old.

  • The animals in the area are adapted to the desert climate as the only source of water is fog.

  • Antelopes, elephants, lions, zebras, birds and ostriches are among the animals you are likely to see walking around Namib Desert.

  • The plants and trees in the desert have evolved to be able to survive periods of droughts like the Quiver Tree, which can cut off its own branches and the Welwitschia Mirabilis, which only has two leaves and can age up to 2 000 years.

  • A range of national park are protected areas across the desert.

  • Diamonds are important minerals for the desert. the areas where they can be found are prohibited due to their light weight, which makes them easy to steal.

  • The Namib Desert is home of the world’s largest sand dunes.

  • The sand changes its colours as you go deeper and deeper into the desert. In some places it appears ochre, in others it is a soft white shade and upon moving inward, you will notice it turns pink.



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